Bach Rescue Range & Emotional Eating Kit

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Here at The Amazing Blog we are passionate about natural products, so we were very excited to be given the opportunity to try out some flower based remedies from Bach. We tried out their Rescue Range and the Emotional Eating Kit and enjoyed the multitude of benefits that came with each product.

We really loved Bach’s Rescue Cream, an intensive moisturiser designed for dry and sensitive skin. It was perfect for repairing very dry skin brought on by the colder weather, and seeing as we are already in November, it's a very appropriate product for the time being. The cream contains six flower extracts: Impatiens, Rock Rose, Clematis, Cherry Plum, Star of Bethlehem and White Chestnut. This distinct blend of flowers is designed to help bring clarity of mind when dealing with stressful situations, a lovely added bonus to a great moisturising product.

Also in the Rescue Range is the Rescue Balm, which again contains the natural flower extracts. The balm is designed to soothe dry and chapped lips which unfortunately at this time of year a lot of us suffer from. The balm is soft and instantly moisturised my lips providing a barrier to the harsh winter weather. This is the perfect lip balm to pop in your handbag during the colder months.

We also tried out the Rescue Liquid Melts, a small and fast dissolving capsule that releases four drops of Rescue to bring calmness when everything is getting a bit too hectic, again time appropriate. We think that this is the perfect, natural solution for those who are often stressed. I have personally used Rescue Remedy before driving lessons and exams at university and found it helpful for easing my nerves and becoming calm and focused. At this time of year where there are plenty of fireworks for both Bonfire Night and Diwali, Rescue Remedy is a wonderful solution to calm those who are unsettled by loud noises. Our Executive Editor, Edwina, has given her dog a couple of drops during fireworks to help to keep him relaxed. Bach also offer Night Liquid Melts to help you drift off to sleep when your mind is buzzing with the thoughts of the day.

The girls here at The Amazing Blog were all very interested in the Bach Emotional Eating Kit, a set of three flower essences, each with a different purpose, that can be used to help aid dieting and  healthy living. Crab Apple is used to promote self-acceptance, Cherry Plum for rational thinking and Chestnut bud to gain knowledge from past experience. The drops can be taken directly or added to mineral water. We found the drops were refreshing and helped to ease negative thoughts and helped to control cravings.

To find out more information about the Bach range, please take a look at the Nelsons website. You can purchase all the Bach products from the Boots website, where the Emotional Eating Kit retails for £11.49, the Rescue Cream is £7.99 for 50g, Rescue Balm is £5.99 for 5g and the Liquid Melts are £8.45 for 28 capsules.