Cor Silver Soap

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During the next few months we will be spending a lot of money on our friends and family as Christmas is fast approaching. This means we need to make cut backs elsewhere, so what better than a multitasking soap which can cleanse, tone, relieve acne, reduce oil build up, remove makeup and prevent signs of ageingThe Amazing Blog girls have found the Cor Silver Soap to do it all, meaning there is no need to spend money on an abundance of different skincare products this year.

With silver being the main ingredient in this soap, I was excited to try it as anything silver in the past has been a success with me. Whenever a brand claims that their product has as many benefits as this one, I do get a bit doubtful as it seems too good to be true. However, I opened my mind to trying the Cor Silver Soap to see if it really was a miracle skincare product. When opening it, you're hit with an instant fragrance which is wonderfully orangey and tropical. I applied the soap by wetting my hands and building up a lather in my hands then smoothing it gently into my skin. On application it’s nothing unique and just feels like you are using a normal soap. After washing however, my skin felt cleansed and hydrated, and it wasn’t left with a greasy layer which I have found in the past.

After using it for about a week, I began to see changes in my skin. Usually my nightly skin routine leaves me with irritated blemishes because of the different products but I found this was improved after using the soap and my skin looked healthier. I often wake up with oily skin after a night of build up, although not completely gone this was reduced quite noticeably. So, although labelled higher than high street prices, you won’t need to spend money on other products so it can work out cheaper. My skin was a lot softer and moisturised and my pores were  much cleaner. I have naturally oily skin, and have been searching for a product to help me with this. Although the Cor Silver soap didn’t noticeably reduce oil production during the day, I did find it helped over night when I hadn’t applied makeup over the top.

So, if you’re looking for a lovely soap to give you younger looking skin with an even tone then it’s worth trying out this Silver Soap. The prices range from £15, £35, and £100, so if you’re not sure it’ll work then go for the 10g size for £15 to test it out. You can purchase it from their webpage here.