Chulo Naturals

NEW blog new blogGood old fashioned ‘do the job’ natural beauty products are always welcomed with open arms at The Amazing Blog, especially when they are lovingly handcrafted right here in our hometown. We were delighted to hear about the Chulo Naturals brand, a beauty company who manufacture a wide variety of luxury UK-made skin care products. All their products use natural ingredients such as sugars, salts, butters, oils and fruits which are sure to be full of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, moisturisers and all the lovely stuff that our skin adores. We have been trying the intriguingly named “Bubbling Butter” in Almond Milk. This two-in-one product combines a fragrant foaming soap with rich body butter, giving you a shower essential that moisturises your skin as you wash. It can also double up as a bubble bath (explains the name) by pouring some under running water it creates a foamy bath for you to soak and relax in, which is just what we need as the weather getting so much colder. You’ll definitely want as much time as possible soaking in this as the Bubbling Butter is so rich and moisturising, it left my skin feeling soft and silky. The Almond Milk gave it an incredibly natural and neutral fragrance but if you don’t fancy that then there are 3 other luxurious flavours that are also available to choose from; Dark Pomegranate, Vanilla and Sandalwood and Ginger and Sweet Orange, all of which sound very tempting.

We also had a go with their Rich Belly Butter, specially formulated for expecting mummies. It uses a mix of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil as well as Frankincense and Rose essential oils which have been discovered to work wonders on surgery and stretch marks. Although none of us here are expecting, we gave it a little try and it felt lavish and glossy on the skin, not to mention the gorgeous zesty fragrance that comes with it.

These simple products are delightfully fresh and don’t give the impression of being damaging to your skin, because they aren’t…There are no added chemicals or ingredients which may irritate sensitive skin. They are an absolute treat to use, a treat that will very much be welcomed by your skin too! They are the perfect presents for friends and family this wintery Christmas. The Bubbling Butter retails at £17.50 for a 200g jar and Rich Belly Butter at £10 for 100g. These are available to purchase from their website.