Black Chicken Body Oil

NEW blog imageThe Amazing Blog girls are always experimenting with different oils to see which are best for our skin. Adding oil into your daily regime can really help to hydrate and moisturise your face and body, even if you have naturally oily skin it’s important to get a good balance. The Black Chicken Body Oilis an efficient little product filled with a combination of skin boosting ingredients such as Avocado Oil and Ylang Ylang. This oil has been working wonders, it is especially beneficial at this time of the year as such cold weather can have detrimental effects on our skin.  We haven’t quite acclimatised yet so are experiencing some dry and cracked skin. The smell doesn’t make it favourable to a particular sex so it’s the perfect oil to have in the bathroom for both him and her to use after a shower. The avocado oil targets dry patches to encourage moisture to build up and relieve any skin causing discomfort.  The Rosehip Oil helps tissue regeneration so if you have recently suffered from a burn, scar or stretch marks then it’s just the thing to help tone and tighten that skin so it starts to revert back to its normal self. I recently moved from Somerset to London and found the harsh water difference really dried out my skin, but oil is the perfect remedy to soften it again.

This award-winning oil is a great buy if you’re looking to treat yourself and give your body a little extra TLC. You can apply Black Chicken Oil daily and the good thing about oil is that it tends to go a long way so the bottle will last you. Black Chicken is an ancient crone and it is said that she was admired for her healing powers. People would visit her for centuries, telling her their problems and pains and then she would bring them peace and comfort if they had good hearts. These stories and concepts of Black Chicken all link to health and healing which is where the brand name was derived as the same intentions are entwined. It’s an all round product which helps to calm different issues using essential oils.

The oil is stocked in two places in the UK, you can find it here and here. Although it’s £45 for 100ml, it will stay with you for a long time and work well as a moisturiser too.