Home Festive Finds

Day four of our Festive Finds is dedicated to our homes this Christmas and filling them with fun for your family and any guests you have popping round to celebrate with. I’m sure it’s not only the girls at The Amazing Blog who have started thinking about buying little extras to have around the house. We have some items here to suit a variety of people so I’m sure there will be something for you to enjoy. image of book

The Nature Magpie is a book written by Daniel Allen and is basically an abundance of facts, anecdotes, folklore and literature from the natural world. This is the perfect book to have lying around in your home for when you have a bit of spare time to relax. Although Christmas is a busy period, you need to make time in your day to do something other than cook roast chicken and pick tinsel up off the floor. This book is full of interesting information and will be a tempting read for guests when they come over. It’s not an antisocial book, for example if you’re waiting for your go in a Christmas game of scrabble then you can pick it up for a quick scan of the pages, and learn something at the same time!  You will find anything from a bird nest soup recipe to the largest sum ever paid for a single truffle. If you’re heading to a pub quiz anytime soon then quickly get your hands on this, you will storm ahead when it comes to the animal and nature section. You can purchase this lovely and easy read from Waterstones and Amazon.

Harlequin_Candles&Diffusers_06_LRThe Harlequin Diffuser is a gorgeous addition to your home that you definitely won’t regret buying, especially if you’re hosting any Christmas parties and want to keep that cosy Christmas ambience. We have the Rosella diffuser dispensing a beautiful, soft aroma of Tuberose and White Rose Petals. They last for up to 18 weeks, so you can forget about them for a while and get used to your house smelling scrumptious all the time. We all pay attention to the way our houses look because we want to enjoy living in it but we also want others to appreciate it. These Harlequin Diffusers are perfect for getting a great smelling room which lasts a long time. They are £35 and you can find them here.

neal and wolf candle image

 Something that  also compliments a diffuser in your home is a candle, and there are so many to choose from, which means with a little searching you can find the perfect one for you and your home. I think every home needs a candle and especially at this time of the year and I especially like scented candles which induce a calming effect into your home. The Neal & Wolfe Indulgence Scented Candle is £17.95 and can be found here. It is a lovely candle full of beautiful scents to fill your room. If you’re looking for a relaxing candle to be enjoyed by the whole family and really cosy up your home, then this is ideal.  Neal & Wolfe fill it with calming scents such as orange blossom, lily, ylang-ylang and orchid, all of which are used in indulgence products.  To get the most out of this candle and its fragrance, allow the wax surface to melt and keep the wick trimmed to 1.5cm. Something special about this candle is its super long-lasting burner which lasts up to 45 hours. Spa fab Candles

The Spa Fabulous Organic Natural Scented Candle is perfect if you are looking for a more subtle scent to grace your home. It’s available in Vintage Rose, Fresh Lillies, Fresh Strawberries and Chocolate. Vintage Rose and Fresh Strawberries ventilate the room with a fruity and refreshing smell. I would definitely recommend these for day time use to give your home a light and uplifting feel, before possibly switching to something a bit heavier in the evening like the Chocolate candle. They have a more sophisticated scent than a lot of cheaper candles that you find on the highstreet. The look of the candle fits well with the elegant and simple scent that is released. For £28 and a promised burning period of at least 40 hours, this candle will be a popular feature in your home, or gift for your loved ones this Christmas. If you want to have a browse of the different candles then you can do so here.

The Custom Name Chalkboard

 The Custom Name Chalkboard by Spin Collective is something we picked out for homes as it’s a lot of fun to have in a family household and can be enjoyed by the younger members who might not be so interested in ‘grown-up’ home items. You can personalise whatever names you like on the board, even a ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ board so everyone can remember what they need to do, add a little order into the household. They are designed not to take up much space so will look good anywhere. They can be scattered across the house in bedrooms, or I prefer the idea of having them all together somewhere like in the kitchen. They are good for job lists. So, we are calling all mums to get hold of one of these so the kids know to help you out with the chores. In the build up to Christmas they can be helpful to keep track of who you have and haven’t bought presents for. They are £20 and can be found on Spin Collective.

 tree decor

When I was growing up, Christmas tree decorations were something the whole family got involved with and with lots of siblings we would fight over who put which decoration up. In the end we had to divide up the decorations and were only allowed to put our own up each year… The Ellie Ellie Christmas Tree Initial Decorations can help avoid any bitterness like we had amongst young siblings. There is nothing unfair about who gets these decorations as each one is personalised with an initial to represent each member of the family. They are printed on a segment of a vintage dictionary and are unlike your usual Christmas tree decorations. They are not as bright and loud, but that is what we think makes them look special and almost handmade. Once you have the whole families initials you can use them every year, and keep adding to them as your family grows. This is a very sentimental Christmas tree decoration to please the whole family.  You can have a look at the decorations here, and they are priced at £9.50.

Tomorrow we have our final Festive Finds, and it’s the all important stocking fillers! A Christmas must, so be sure to come back tomorrow and have a read.