Affordable Festive Finds

We are almost done with the first week of December, so if you haven’t already started helping Santa out with filling stockings then you best get cracking. Our day five of Festive Finds is inspired by the most exciting part of Christmas for a lot of children…opening stockings at 4am and leaving all the wrapping paper for Mum and Dad to clear up. The Amazing Blog knows how tricky it can be to get that stocking (or pillowcase) filled to the brim with lots of little goodies, so here are some suggestions that will go down a treat with the kids. cool ice lolly image

Fickle Tattoos are perfect for adding even more entertainment into Christmas morning and will keep the young ones quiet for a while. There are hundreds of designs of temporary tattoos, ranging in colours, size and theme so that you can choose something tailored to the personality and interests of your child. Something I find more special about these temporary tattoos than others is how they are designed by a handful of unique and creative illustrators who regularly create new drawings. You can read about each of them on the webpage, it makes the tattoo gift a little more personal and sweet. It’s a great little stocking filler to keep the kids happy whilst breakfast is being prepared, so have a browse here and discover their variety of quirky designs.

white xmas matchboxy

Another low-priced, petite stocking filler which also has the benefit of engaging kids for hours is the In a Matchbox White Christmas. Every year there is anticipation over whether there will be snow or not. There are kids lining up at the door or peering out the window with hats and gloves on ready to enjoy the snow. However, recently nature hasn’t been so reliable and snow either melts right away or doesn’t fall at all. White Christmas in a match box will help avoid disappointment in case we are left snowless this year because…it’s fake snow! All you need to do is freeze the snow for a few hours and then you’re ready to decorate your house and garden with snow that is guaranteed to stay put. I’ll be covering plants indoors and window stills to add a little festivity into my home this month. STBD Cap and pack shot Maybe you have teenagers and need to fill their stockings with more grown-up gifts which can sometimes be a bit trickier as a sparkly pencil or toy car just won’t cut it this year. We suggest the Save the Blow Dry Cap for young ladies to enjoy. Did you know we spend over two hours a week blow-drying our hair? Save the Blow Dry has come up with a solution to do just that, save your blow dry! The cap is waterproof and made with absorbent micro-weave towelling so that it leaves your hair fabulously soft and bouncy. It’s a smart gift for girls as I’m sure lots of Christmas and New Year parties have been planned. We all want to say goodbye to 2013 looking our best. This gift is guaranteed to please your teen and leave them without reason to moan or complain on the special festive day. It’s only £14.95 and can be found here.


This gift is the epitome of ‘best of both worlds’ in terms of presents. Which two gifts are always a safe choice for everyone and will never be a let down? Chocolate and Flowers... However, flowers don’t make the best stocking filler as they are fragile and demand a lot of attention, and well, we guess you’ve probably bought a fair bit of chocolate already. So, these Chocolate Scented Grow Your Own Flowers found on Prezzybox and in Tesco, combine both the two to make charming stocking fillers. The flowers are for you to grow, so no squashing goes on in the stocking. Everybody loves growing flowers, and there is always a huge excitement when they completely develop, especially as these are daisies which are always lovely. You are given chocolate daisy seeds and lovely looking coconut husk starter pots to begin with, so move aside Alan Titchmarsh, because we have chocolate scented flowers.

new pots

All stockings need something edible amongst the wrapping paper, be it chocolate coins or tangerines, it’s a crucial part because there is no better guilty pleasure than stuffing your face in the early hours of the day when you should really be sleeping. If your children are messy with chocolate and leave wrapper trails as if they are re-enacting Hansel and Gretel, then worry no more... Pots & Co has a tasty selection of desserts in wonderfully designed pots to make things a little less untidy. Some of our favourite flavours are the Chocolate & Orange Pot, Caramelised Apple Crumble and the Sticky Toffee Pudding but there are also lots more to choose from. We do realise that this may not be the classic stocking filler food, but we also know lots of families like to do something a little different to surprise their children. These gorgeously creamy puddings will do just that. Even the photographs of them look edible, so that must be a good thing!  Have a look here at the delicious collection of puds for your nearest stockist.

new fun

A more familiar brand at Christmas is Lush as they always have beautiful bath and shower gifts to give away. Some items come out every year and we get to look forward to seeing them on the shelves. However, other products are new and exciting and never disappoint those loyal Lush users because they always put the same passion into all the products. The Lush Christmas Fun is made up of Red Fun, Green Fun and Gold Fun, too much ‘fun’ in one sentence? These are a lovely blend of four products in one which you can use as a soap, bubble bath, shampoo and play. There is a refreshing citrus included in the ingredients for the Red Fun and Green Fun and a comforting honey in the Gold Fun. I know I would definitely be happy to receive this for Christmas! Lush are a great brand that have a huge amount of reliable and wonderful products for everyone to enjoy.This little multipurpose trio is £6.50 and found here.


Tweezers are always a good shout if you’re stuck on present ideas. It’s the kind of thing everyone needs, male or female, so is a safe idea to fill that stocking a bit more. The Vintage Cosmetic Company have a sweet selection of tweezers which includes their festive pair, the Limited Edition Christmas Tweezers. These £8 tweezers are very cute and inspired by the 1950’s. The colour makes them look a bit more attractive than your every day tweezers, so definitely something you will find yourself keeping for a long time. Usually we want to keep our tweezers tucked away in our wash bag but with these they will be out on display for all to see. The colour is lovely and you can have a look here.

wild-and-wolf-happy-jackson-lovely-things-wash-bag-hap006Last but not least, the most colourful and practical present for The Amazing Blog stocking suggestions, the Happy Jackson Lovely Things Wash Bag. It’s so simple and endearing, and the sort of present you can’t wait to start filling with all the cosmetics you accumulate over Christmas. It’s the perfect material to prevent stains and water damage and is also sized just right for travel. Depending on the age of your children though it could be anything, maybe even a pencil case? There is no use specification so would suit any age and gender as a stocking filler. I would have loved to get one of these in my stocking when I was younger, especially because you gather a lot of extra wash stuff across the season so end up buying a new one anyway. It’s bought for £11.66 here, there are lots of other stunning gifts from Happy Jackson worth taking a look at too.