A Guilt-Free Chocolate Beauty Routine

LUSH Blog image Although bathing in actual chocolate does sound quite inviting, it’s probably not great to do that to our skin and waistlines everyday. The Amazing Blog has found the next best thing to satisfy our chocolate needs, and that is Lush cosmetics chocolate range. Yes, all of these products are real skincare products and have actual benefits, whilst looking and smelling like our favourite sweet treat at the same time. Perfect! We tried the Soft Coeur Massage Bar, Cupcake Face Mask, and the Chocolate Whip Stick Lip Balm.

The Soft Coeur Massage Bar smelt heavenly. The shape of the bar makes it look lovely in the bathroom, we all love a good heart shaped gift. The shape also makes it a great present for the other half (hint). The core of the massage bar is soft and melts as you use it. As you get nearer to the centre, a chocolate and honey liquid oozes out and works with the shower or bath water to cleanse and moisturise your skin. It’s ideal if you need to unwind after a long day as I genuinely found my body relaxed and wasn’t too tense from stress after my bath. The cocoa butter, shea butter and almond oil infuse together to create a lovely massage bar with lots of benefits for your skin.

The cocoa powder used in the Cupcake facemask is also a product of the cocoa bean. This is combined with deep cleansing Rhassoul mud to absorb unwanted oil which can cause bad skin such as spot break outs.  I must admit, it was tempting to forget this mask was actually skincare and not a tub of melted chocolate, it smells like it would taste great. It’s probably best to avoid getting this mask in your hair so make sure it’s scraped back before applying. I used a fairly generous amount but didn’t ‘cake’ my face in it. As I was washing it off I could feel my pores were much cleaner so I felt less guilty adding moisturiser to my skin later on as it wasn’t already oily. It’s useful having the mask in a pot because it means less mess in between uses.

The Lush chocolate range has also created the Whip Stick Chocolate Lip Balm to give us a taste of sweetness with fewer calories. This balm contains dark chocolate and as we all know this is the most beneficial chocolate to consume, but it also has many skin improving qualities. To seal in all the natural moisture we have in our lips, Lush have used almond oil, shea butter, and oatmilk. The new formula is also completely free of preservatives, it just gets better… Applying this lip balm is no different from any other, but has many more benefits and fewer chemicals than lots of high street balms. It left my lips feeling soft and hydrated which is exactly what I needed in this weather.

All the products can be bought in store or online here. The Soft Coeur Massage Bar is £4.75 per 30g, the Cupcake Face Mask is £5.95 per 75g, and the Whip Stick is £5.75 per 8g.