B2 Pro Oil and Pro Serum

Blog image There is a lot of buzz in the beauty industry at the moment around honey. Its moisturising qualities make it the ideal ingredient in these colder months with harsher effects taking their toll on our skin. The Amazing Blog has found a honey filled serum and oil to help protect against these problems, and also act to reduce signs of aging. The B2 Skincare Pro Oil and Pro Serum are just two of a gorgeous collection.

B2 is an apiary skincare brand which uses the latest research to harness Mother Nature with therapeutic treatments based in Buddhistic rituals and beliefs. The brand is formed by industry professionals and is free from toxins and all the other bad things you find in products all the time. Co Founder Deborah Scott studied bee colonies at university which developed her understanding of bee nature and how they have flower preferences, which led her to create B2. The Pro Serum is for all skintypes and helps to induce a healthier looking finish in your skin. The smell definitely reminds you it’s a honey based product, but there’s also a refreshing citrusy scent which lingers. I expected it to be sticky (naïve honey stereotype), but the serum is very light and is absorbed almost instantly. The brand is really unique and they have some very exciting products in their range, you won’t find anything quite like it anywhere else.

The Pro Oil smells even better and is a joy to apply as it’s so easy. The oil is a bit misleading as when first applying it feels like it will sit on your skin leaving an unwanted shine. This isn’t the case however, and it blends into the skin very quickly, leaving it soft and hydrated. If you suffer from dry skin then this is would be a good little addition to your skincare routine. The oil is full of vitamins to help smooth out the skin and has antioxidants to help protect against environmental aggressors. Just what we need this winter, and knowing England, probably what we will need in the summer too..

The Oil is priced at £18.50 and can be found here and the serum is also £18.50 here.