De La Baie Skincare

new blog image De La Baie skincare uses arctic berries and natural extracts to create a powerful youth prolonging collection of beauty products. The Amazing Blog girls often favour natural products as the chemical additions to many high street brands don’t seem as inviting. We have been experimenting with a selection of products, including a Lavender Foot Scrub, Body Cream, Foot Balm, Alpine Body Scrub, Intensive Face Cream and Sea Buckthorn Face Wash.

Two of my favourite products from the collection are the Lavender Foot Scrub and the Super Performance Foot Balm. I recently moved from Somerset to London so have been getting used to the different water. I find the water is much harsher on my skin in London, which means it has been quite dry in places and particularly on the heel of my feet. These two De La Baie feet products compliment one another to ensure that you both remove the dry skin with the scrub, but also massage and moisturise the new skin to prevent damage coming back. You can probably imagine how wonderful the lavender scrub smells, it’s literally entirely lavender scent wise, and there is no lingering smell of extra ingredients. The thick foot balm doesn’t smell as attractive but the texture and effect makes the clay-like smell insignificant. It soothes the skin and works overnight to keep moisture levels high. Both these are £17 and found here.

For the face, De La Baie has a plentiful selection of face washes, serums and creams. To begin your skincare routine, there are different face wash options, one I like is the Rose Gel Face Wash, as anything rose always smells great. This gel makes me crave Turkish delight as it smells very similar. It has a great scent and may be more favourable than the Sea Buckthorn & Oat face wash in the collection. Texture wise, it’s a bit sticky but you wash it off anyway so that’s not a problem. Follow this wash with either the Revitalising Face Serum or the Intensive Face Cream to hydrate and help any skin imperfections. The scent of both are not particularly inviting but this is because the ingredients included are entirely focused on skin correction and presenting as many benefits as possible, rather than adding fruity ingredients with no purpose other than smelling good. They both blend into the skin well. The cream is rich and effective, combating insecurities. I use the serum on parts of my face prone to blemishes, and it helps to calm it down and even out the skin tone. The prices vary and can be browsed here.

Their body products include the Alpine Body Scrub and Rich Replenishing Body Cream. I really like the alpine scrub as the texture is incredibly coarse so it works like sand paper and really gets rid of any dry skin. It has more of a refreshing smell and makes me think of being by the sea. It is almost like rubbing salt into your skin, whilst being sat by the sea, and we all know how great we feel after we’ve been in the sea and the water has completely cleansed our skin. The Body Cream has a daffodil fragrance to it, as is in between concentrations, not too thick but not too damp either! Waking up after using this in the evening left my skin feeling very soft and smelling lovely, however it took a bit of time in the evening to soak in so I was lying without moving for a while.

Overall, the variety of products means that there is something for everyone. A lot of the smells are quite unique and interesting so might be suited to more adventurous skincare users. You can view the range here.