Yau Cooking Sauces

Blog imageHappy Boxing Day! We hope you made it through Christmas without any present or food disasters. Today is notoriously the 'leftovers' day and particularly the 'oh what to do with the turkey' day. At The Amazing Blog  we thought we'd try and help with a few suggestions to help spice things up and add a little flavour to your birds. Our recommendation? Easy, our very latest discovery Yau Sauces  if you don't know them, we highly recommend searching these out and adding them to your store cupboards. Basically, for those turkey leftovers we suggest substituting your 'turkey' for their 'chicken' in Bonnie and Phillip Yau's recipes; this will certainly put paid to any thoughts of serving up those dried-up turkey sandwiches! Their Sweet & Sour Sauce at £2.68 a bottle, offers you the opportunity to include lots most of those ingredients in your fridge from yesterday (don’t worry, everyone buys too much), to cook up a delicious food ensemble using this sauce. A bit of turkey and some veg, then just serve up with some rice. It has to be a much healthier option than eating chocolate coins and cheese all day... The creators, Bonnie and Phillip Yau both have a history in food which began from childhood. Their thoughts were that oriental food lacked the profile of other ethnic foods because of take-away stereotypes and experiences. Yau’s range secures a fresh, zingy taste with healthy ingredients to better the gratification. Their Yau Zum Dipping Sauce also saves the hassle of some serious cooking but still gives a feast for the family with an abundance of flavour. At £2.49 a bottle, it saves a lot of money too! The flavour comes from the fish sauce which is combined with garlic and chillies. Vietnamese tradition pairs this sauce with spring rolls which is a tasty mix, but for today it’s just as lovely to dip your left over meats and veg into the sauce. Oh, and even better, there’s virtually no oil in it making it very low on the calorie front, just what we all need for boxing day.

There is a list of places to buy the sauces here. So drop into one of their stores in the next few days as I’m sure you still have lots of parties to cater for this festive season, and lots of spare food to get adventurous with. Enjoy!