Kats Kalma Massage Bar and Facial Mist

Blog ImageIf you have been outside in the last month or so, then you will know it’s pretty chilly out there, not forgetting to mention the constant drizzle and gale winds! This makes us just want to cocoon up inside with a hot relaxing bath and a good book. The Kats Kalma natural collection of soaps and bath goodies are just perfect for this time of the year.  After all we deserve to be able to sit back and enjoy some ‘me time’ particularly as it's now Christmas Eve. We at The Amazing Blog have selected two products from this range to help you de-stress and then freshen up so you’re ready for tomorrow’s antics. These are the De-Stressing Massage Bar, and the Manuka Honey Facial Mist. Kats Kalma work on a continuous basis. Forever testing and mixing new scents and ingredients as it is their passion to deliver products that we will love. They are all suitable for even the most sensitive skin, which is a unique quality in itself. The De Stressing Massage Bar comprises of pure Geranium and Lavender essential oils, all for calm, relax and balance you. It honestly smells like the countryside, almost as if you’ve fallen into a field of lavender. It’s lovely! As with any massage bar, I did worry that it would be sticky and leave a residue on my skin; however, it blended instantly in a moisturising fashion with absolutely no sticky residue.  The bar is 70gms £6. There are also other bars in this range which target problems other than stress such as Mayfruit Massage bar for toning, the Sunshine Massage bar for a bit of a lift!

Facial mists are the perfect addition to your day. Whether you’re prone to hot flushes, blemishes or dirty pores, the effects of this mist will do you good. If there’s one thing that we all know that is good for us its Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey has many therapeutic benefits which is why it works so well as the main ingredient of this facial mist. This water is high in amino acids and works with a calming and toning effect as well as antibacterial. I like to use it in the evening before going to bed as it keeps me feeling refreshed whilst I sleep. It’s a very clean natural product so you don’t feel like there are any chemicals working their way into your pores. The big thick glass bottle is very comfortable to hold and looks much more elegant than plastic bottles do. This is £10 and is only one of a collection of mists they have.

You can find all the products in their range on the website here. So do please have a look at the other wonderful and natural offerings that they also have.