Lilibeth - Brow Shaper

edwinas thursday

Today I thought I'd share one of my special beauty secrets. Given that I try many different product in my world, but there are always a few that surprise even me and even manage to sneak in and become my new beauty essential. And not just me, here at The Amazing Blog, we always find one or two that just take our breath away... Whether it helps us feel better, look better or simply make life a little easier, we’re always compelled to share with you our dear followers. Lilibeth of New York   is our latest 'must have' product. We love their wonderful eyebrow shaper in fact, one of us already used it but happened to mention it to the rest of us and so as you can imagine, the rest of us just HAD to try it! The simplicity, versatility and painlessness of this product is what impressed us the most.

The Lilibeth Brow Shaper is an easy-to-use, stainless steel blade incorporated in a comb, that allows you to shape, trim and tame unruly hairs. This is ideal for maintenance of eyebrows between plucking, waxing or threading; but it can also be used virtually anywhere you have any unwanted hair. In my case, I have very fine long brow hairs that at times are tricky to get at with tweezers and need trimming down and the shaper manages to gently trim every last one of them! And if you are lucky enough to have full and luscious eyebrows like our lovely Lara, the shaper will easily take care of those pesky hairs too. The comb/blade is also designed to be precise and safe so you won’t need creams or even water to use it but be reassured it won’t give you those knicks and cuts around those sensitive areas.

I would also like to mention that this is a particularly useful tool for helping your men stay clean-cut and fluff-free in between haircuts or to get rid of those wild hairs on the nape of the neck, sideburns or beards. This product stores away safely since it folds up and can be stored anywhere. It is recommended that the comb/blade is replaced every two or three months depending on how often you use it. These brow shapers are available in black or pink, and can be found here for the affordable price of £6.95. Why not invest in this simple, yet effective, multipurpose beauty tool that will have you saving some money as well as leaving you looking gorgeous!