Friday Favourites – Keep Well in Spring

Despite the tremendous rainfalls we’re experiencing here in London, the birds are singing and its beginning to feel a bit like spring!  Unfortunately with this lovely change in weather come allergies, tiredness and occasionally the common cold.  Luckily, we here at The Amazing Blog have found a few healthy supplements, drinks and even snacks to help you Keep Well in Spring! hafkalk line imageFirst we have Hafkalk Food Supplements, an Iceland based company who stresses the importance of producing quality supplements.  Their three primary supplements, including Ocean Calm, Ocean Calcium and Ocean Krill, all include high-quality vitamins and minerals from local Iceland marine sources.  The Ocean collection is perfect for the preparation of spring because each supplement aims to improve a specific part of the body.  The Ocean Calm supplement combines minerals of the sea including marine magnesium and calcified red alge to enhance sleep.  Ocean Calcium uses calcium and minerals to improve bone and joint health.  The Ocean Krill supplement contains 100% Krill Oil, Omega 3 and natural Antioxidants to increase brain, heart and join health. It is recommended to take 2-4 of each supplement per day for the best results.  The Ocean Supplements are available online and can be ordered through Global Bounty. The Ocean Calm supplement can be found here, Ocean Calcium supplements are here and Ocean Krill supplements can be purchased here.

1 litre pictureStaying hydrated is a key to staying healthy!  Substitute your morning coffee or tea with a glass of juice from Terrafertil Goldenberry Juice Drinks.  Goldenberry Juice Drinks originate from the Andean mountain Goldenberries (which we have written about before)!  Bursting with the Vitamins B-complex, A and C the vitamins in the small but mighty Goldenberries protect the immune system and maintain healthy skin while burning fat.  Not only is the juice a great source of vitamins but it is also gluten free, dairy-free and vegan friendly!  Beside natural juice concentrate of the Goldenberries, the juice also includes fruit extract concentrate, acidity regulator - citric acid and antioxidant - ascorbic acid.  These distict berries make for a delicious change to typical coffee or tea in the  morning. The Terrafertil Goldenberries Juice Drinks can be purchased from Holland and Barrett here.

20130405094310No matter the season we all dread the lack of energy we occasionally have during our work day.  Unfortunately a cup of coffee or an energy drink unsubstantial for long periods of time.  Start your work day (and spring) off right with a natural energy lift from Amazing Grass.  Specialising in Organic Super Foods, Amazing Grass offers energizing, nutritional beverages containing the necessary vitamins of an entire meal.  Amazing Grass also offers Green Super Food Energy Bars.  These convenient snack-sized bars are packed with necessary nutrition for both adults and children.  These bars combine organic vegetables and fruit, as well as Green Super Food drink powder to deliver a natural energy boost.  With these wonderfully natural supplements, Green Super Food Energy Bars make for the perfect mid-day pick me up!  These bars are sold in packs of 12 online here for £35.99.


As mentioned before, energy drinks often come with a negative stigma of energy peaks and crashes.  Luckily we have discovered the world's first '100% natural, organic and FairTrade approved organic drink' from Scheckter's Organic Energy.  Being raised on Laverstoke Park, his families leading UK organic farm, Toby Scheckter  was inspired to quench the world's thirst and energy with a healthy alternative to energy drinks.  Scheckter's Organic Energy drinks are vegetarian certified and include zero synthetic caffeine.  Scheckter' Energy Drinks supplements the typical caffeine additive with organic raw coffee beans, organic guarana and organic green tea to energize yet calm the mind.   Becuase the ingredients in Scheckter's Organic Energy Drink are 100% natural, the effects of the drink are long lasting over substancial periods of time. Scheckter's Organic Energy also offer a 'Lite' version of the drink for those who are seeking a less caffeinated option. Get 'Powered by Nature' this spring by purchasing your Scheckter's Organic Energy drinks from mySupermarket here.

We hope our suggestions for Keeping Well in Spring assist you in your journey for a healthy and energising season!