Spices of India - Little Turban Sauces

joses mondayAre you looking to switch up your typical dinner dishes but afraid to branch out too far?  We here at The Amazing Blog have discovered unique Indian sauces, spices and other creative foods thanks to Spices of India’s, Little Turban.  Their sauces are a simple yet unique additive to everyday dishes or pair perfectly with authentic, Indian inspired meals.

Launched in 2006, Spices of India is the leading online Indian grocery store in the UK, specializing in true Indian foods, spices and cookware. They are proud of their gluten-free foods and sauces which contain zero artificial flavouring and colouring.  The Little Turban offers exceptional fresh curry based sauces, providing an alternative to dry mixes or pastes used in traditional Indian cooking.  Unlike most Indian sauces, all Little Turban sauces contain beetroot, orange juice and whisky for additional zest! Little Turban offers four sauce options, each with a different heat intensity.  The range of Little Turban sauces provided by Spices of India include Aromatic Bourbon Masala, Goan Coconut & Orange, Makhani Masala Curry, and Mughlai Qorma.  Though these four sauces are all unique in ways, Little Turban  suggest all of their sauces be served over chicken, lamb, king prawns or paneer.  All of these sauces arrive in a 400g box containing enough sauce to serve three to four people, making theses sauces an exceptional option for entertaining dinner guests.

When the Little Turban sauces arrived at our door step, I immediately jumped on the chance to mix up my usual cooking style.  I tried the Little Turban Makhani Masala Curry sauce containing tomatoes, melon juice, curry, cream, chili and other impeccable ingredients.  I prepared the recommended recipe below with the Makhani Masala Curry sauce and was not disappointed!  The sauces hint of sweetness from the melon paired perfectly with the spice of the chili and curry upon seared chicken and rice.

Makhani Masala Curry Recipe:

• Brown 450g diced chicken.

• Add the contents of the pouch and stir well.

• Cover and allow to simmer, stirring occasionally, until the meat is cooked through.

• Serve with naan bread or rice.

Add an additional zest to your typical dinner with the Little Turban sauces from Spices of India.  Purchase the sauce for the recipe above here for £4.95.