Acne Control Mask by Kris D'Amour

Everybody knows how this changing and unstable weather can dry out our skin. Here at The Amazing Blog we are also aware that it can create problems with blemishes and acne. Kris D’Amour has a great solution with the new Detoxifying Acne Control Mask.

At first, we were surprised to see that this mask has a powder consistency. The magic happens when it's combined with some water and it turns into a paste that you can easily apply onto your skin!
Once we put it on our faces we were able to forget about the world and had 15 minutes of genuine relaxation. Its texture is soft and light, different from other anti-acne products that tend to dry your skin even more. This is a result of its alcohol-free, paraben-free, and synthetic fragrance-free composition. The calming power of chamomile and calendula fights against redness and blemishes, and the presence of acai berry- with its antioxidant properties- gives elasticity to our skin and makes this mask perfect even for mature complexions. The cranberry extract adds a slightly sweet scent to the product that reminds us of honey. It also has a touch of mango that acts as moisturiser whilst protecting us against UV rays. What else could we ask for?

You can either get a 10ml jar for only £3.00 or if you are ready for a long-term beneficial treatment for your skin, you can always go for the 100ml jar for £24.99. Both are available here.