Age Reverse System - Skinova

Here at The Amazing Blog, we have long held the hope that the mythical ‘Fountain of Youth’ is real, with little reward. However, we do know that there are products that are real and that can reduce the signs of ageing, delivering a younger looking complexion. Today, Skinova is our case in point, and a formidable example at that.

Having tried it out myself I’m happy to put my stamp of approval on the Skinova Age Reverse System. This three-step regimen comprises of dermatologically developed: Chamomile Cleanser, C-Stem Treatment Serum and Ultra Benefits Moisturiser, where they claim that results can be experienced within four weeks!  I noted some very impressive statistics, with 87% of patients in a clinical study experiencing noticeable changes in the appearance of lines and wrinkles on their face. Therefore, the Age Reverse System is a definite must-try for any woman who is noticing the effects of ageing on their skin.

The first step was the Chamomile Cleanser, this I found extremely gentle, with no irritation (unusual for my complexion); it definitely did the job by cleansing and softening my skin. I particularly like the active ingredients, which include chamomile, peptides and antioxidants. Then I applied C-Stem Treatment Serum (click here to see an impressive testimonial video) which in my view, is the hero product from the trilogy. The Serum works not only as a skin rejuvenator but also a balancer, making it suitable for all skin types – in fact, I learnt that it also helps to shield your skin from UVA/UVB rays too. For me, after using it for a couple of weeks I definitely noticed a fading of brown sunspots on my forehead (unfortunately highlighted by my regular use of face tanning products!) So this makes it a winner in my eyes. The formula claims to reactivate 14 genes responsible for the production of Collagen, Elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid,  which helps to reduce the accelerated ageing protein Progerin.  Key ingredients to keep the severity of wrinkles and lines at bay and help minimise pores are lilac stem cells, vitamin C and marine extracts. The third and final part of my twice daily skincare regimen was the Ultra Benefits Moisturiser.  This contains a strong antioxidant called Lipochroman that protects from free radicals and leaves skin looking more luminous. I felt that this helped to plump up my skin giving it better hydration and of course by combining it with the Serum it gave me a double-whammy effect with fading my hyper-pigmentation.

I’d definitely recommend this three-step regimen for anyone needing a skincare boost or wanting a more jubilant complexion. See Skinova Age Reverse System here for £154.