‘Gameface’ Moisturiser by Triumph and Disaster

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Who likes dry skin? Not us! We boys here at The Amazing Blog understand the importance of keeping skin moisturised at all times.  Thanks to our friends at Triumph & Disaster we have found this a real 'game changer' in the moisturiser world. There is a great story behind this brand with its sporting roots. Triumph & Disaster was founded in 2011 by Dion Nash, a former New Zealand international cricketer, who realised the toll sun, wind and sweat were having on his skin. This inspired Dion to create a naturally based skincare brand specifically for us boys, which not only protects our complexions from the environment but also utilises the latest technologies in green science. Previously we tried out Triumph & Disaster’s No Dice Sunscreen, and this product set the bar high for the rest of their products.

We are happy to report that Triumph & Disaster has done it again, and lived up to our expectations. We requested their latest Beauty Shortlist 2018 award-winning Gameface’  Moisturiser to try. Three of the star ingredients in this moisturiser are ponga fern, horopito oil and jojoba extract. Ponga is fern found in New Zealand, it works to tighten skin making us look younger upon application to the face. Horopito is an antioxidant-rich plant that is also from New Zealand which conditions skin and leaves it with a healthy-looking appearance. Jojoba is a botanical extract that comes from the seed of the jojoba tree which is very similar to the oil that our skin naturally produces. This helps to balance your skin's oil production creating a more balanced skin.

When applied this moisturiser has the subtlest of woody fragrance undertones that are almost undetectable. What we love about this product is that it effortlessly melts into the skin absolutely leaving no residue and yet leaves the skin feeling soft and nurtured. Triumph & Disaster is known for combining science and nature to create the most effective products on the market and we were certainly 'bowled over' with this little gem. You can purchase the ‘Gameface’ Moisturiser by Triumph & Disaster here for £36.

Moist & Clean Foam, Organic Algae Detox Body Mask, and Anti-Eye Bags Gel - GMT

At The Amazing Blog, we know that as we power through our busy and hectic lifestyles time is not always on our side. So any product that combines noticeable effects and garners quick results is more than ok with us. It’s precisely because of these reasons that we love GMT and their Natura Collection. Having tried GMT Beauty before we know that the company is of a professional grade quality with each product being dermatologically tested and containing carefully chosen ingredients. We were lucky enough to be sent a bundle of the products in the collection including the Moist and Clean Foam, the Organic Algae Detox Body Mask the Anti Eye-Bags Gel, and the Triple Action Body Scrub. Made with natural ingredients, each product worked quickly and efficiently.

GMT’s Moist and Clean Foam acts as both a cleanser and moisturizer while maintaining skin health. It removed makeup effectively and left our skin feeling fresh and looking radiant. With a refreshing and citrus scent, this foam was the perfect way to start our day. The product is filled with delightful and natural goodies such as soapbark tree extract, lactic acid, grapefruit oil, hydrolysed wheat protein powder and lemon grass. The carefully selected formula helps to prevent skin from drying out and losing its naturally soft texture. To use, apply to dry skin twice a day, in the morning and evening before rinsing off with warm water.

We began to see and feel the effects of GMT’s Anti Eye-Bags Gel almost immediately. Any darkness and puffiness around our eyes were reduced, and the elasticity of our skin seemed noticeably firmer. This product is full of wonderful natural ingredients that will leave your skin looking brighter and more even. It consists of Lemon grass oil, grapefruit oil, olive oil extract, green tea extract, ginkgo biloba extract, lemon peel and  Ivy peel extract. Our skin looked more youthful than it did before, and this product has fast become a firm favourite of ours as it is so convenient to use. Just massage a small amount under the eyes until absorbed.

The Organic Algae Detox Mask provides cleansing, lipolytic and powerful draining effects. By combining algae, marine salt, and green tea, this brilliant mask can successfully remove cellulite. The ingredients guarantee a detoxification effect that stimulates metabolic processes helping to remove excess fluid while inducing the metabolism of fat.

Last, but by no means least, is the Triple Action Body Scrub. Due to its natural ingredients and perfectly balanced pH, this scrub is able to cleanse, moisturise and boost skin's vibrancy, vigour and health. Apply twice a week on either dry or damp skin or massage in for 2-3 minutes before washing off.

Each product is paraben free, mineral oil free, propylene glycol free, silicone free and are naturally scented; so you know what you’re putting on your skin is safe and natural. If you want to purchase any of these products they are available on the GMTBeauty Website. Unfortunately, the prices are all listed in Euros as the company is based in Latvia, but all products can be purchased through PayPal. The, the foam is available here for about £31.00 and the eye gel available here for around £31.00. The Body Mask can be purchased here for roughly £43.00 and the Triple Action Body Scrub here for £31.00.

The Rejuvenation Set - Murdock London

Here at The Amazing Blog, we’ve noticed that lately, more and more men are paying attention to their grooming and skincare practices. For this reason, we’re always very excited when new skincare products for men come through our office door. Recently we received The Rejuvenation Set from Murdock London, a British company for modern, style-conscious men.

The Rejuvenation Set includes everything a gentleman needs to prep for his daily adventures: a Cleansing Facial Wash, an Exfoliating Facial Scrub, a Hydrating Facial Moisturiser, and an Anti-Ageing Eye Serum. The Cleansing Facial Wash contains basilmintrosemarythyme, and wheat extracts to soothe, cleanse, and refresh your skin first thing in the morning. It also features Aloe Vera as a moisturising component that will also soothe inflamed skin. The Exfoliating Facial Scrub contains Aloe Verajojoba oilpumice, and herbal extracts to get rid of dead skin cells and resurface clear, radiant skin. You can use it once a week to reinvigorate your face! The Hydrating Facial Moisturiser hydrates, balances, and protects the skin. The lightweight, non-greasy formula also contains minerals to refresh and energise dull and fatigued complexions. The Anti-Ageing Eye Serum is the last step in the Murdock skincare regime. It contains extracts of arnicaeldermallow, and cucumber distillate to hydrate and soothe the eye area. For those of you with horrific under-eye circles from stress and lack of sleep, this one’s a keeper. As a bonus, it has a delightfully refreshing cucumber scent as well!

Revamp your skincare set-up with the Murdock Rejuvenation Set here for £75.


Age Reverse System - Skinova

Here at The Amazing Blog, we have long held the hope that the mythical ‘Fountain of Youth’ is real, with little reward. However, we do know that there are products that are real and that can reduce the signs of ageing, delivering a younger looking complexion. Today, Skinova is our case in point, and a formidable example at that.

Having tried it out myself I’m happy to put my stamp of approval on the Skinova Age Reverse System. This three-step regimen comprises of dermatologically developed: Chamomile Cleanser, C-Stem Treatment Serum and Ultra Benefits Moisturiser, where they claim that results can be experienced within four weeks!  I noted some very impressive statistics, with 87% of patients in a clinical study experiencing noticeable changes in the appearance of lines and wrinkles on their face. Therefore, the Age Reverse System is a definite must-try for any woman who is noticing the effects of ageing on their skin.

The first step was the Chamomile Cleanser, this I found extremely gentle, with no irritation (unusual for my complexion); it definitely did the job by cleansing and softening my skin. I particularly like the active ingredients, which include chamomile, peptides and antioxidants. Then I applied C-Stem Treatment Serum (click here to see an impressive testimonial video) which in my view, is the hero product from the trilogy. The Serum works not only as a skin rejuvenator but also a balancer, making it suitable for all skin types – in fact, I learnt that it also helps to shield your skin from UVA/UVB rays too. For me, after using it for a couple of weeks I definitely noticed a fading of brown sunspots on my forehead (unfortunately highlighted by my regular use of face tanning products!) So this makes it a winner in my eyes. The formula claims to reactivate 14 genes responsible for the production of Collagen, Elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid,  which helps to reduce the accelerated ageing protein Progerin.  Key ingredients to keep the severity of wrinkles and lines at bay and help minimise pores are lilac stem cells, vitamin C and marine extracts. The third and final part of my twice daily skincare regimen was the Ultra Benefits Moisturiser.  This contains a strong antioxidant called Lipochroman that protects from free radicals and leaves skin looking more luminous. I felt that this helped to plump up my skin giving it better hydration and of course by combining it with the Serum it gave me a double-whammy effect with fading my hyper-pigmentation.

I’d definitely recommend this three-step regimen for anyone needing a skincare boost or wanting a more jubilant complexion. See Skinova Age Reverse System here for £154.

Carrot Discovery Kit - Docteur Renaud

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love trying out new skincare products. What we don’t love, however, is paying full price for things that we aren’t sure about yet. Thankfully, brands like Docteur Renaud offer sample kits of some of their most popular products so we have the chance to try them out before purchasing full sizes.

We recently tried and fell in love with the Carrot Discovery Kit by Docteur Renaud, a range that includes the ultra-popular Carrot Scrub Detox, the Carrot Radiance Boost Day Cream, and the Carrot Renewing Night Cream. The kit contains a 20ml tube of the scrub, which is enough to 2-3 months if you’re using it twice a week. This scrub is delightfully creamy with small orange granules that are just abrasive enough to remove toxins and refine skin texture. This kit also contains 5ml tubes of day cream and night cream. Both creams are nourishing and moisturising without being greasy, and they leave being a soft, sweet scent. The night cream in particular is perfect for doubling up at an overnight mask for extra dry areas—just use an extra thick layer and rinse off in the morning! These 5ml tubes contain enough cream to use once a day for 1-2 weeks, which is great for fully testing this range. All three products feature carrot—an ingredient that adds radiance and a healthy glow to the complexion. It also naturally possesses the ability to protect the skin from free radicals.

The Docteur Renaud Carrot Discovery Kit is priced at £9, and is available from Skin Evolution here.