Amla and Grapefruit Hair Remedy - Alchemy

Here at The Amazing Blog, we know all too well how sensitive our hair can be in the summer weather. So you can imagine our excitement when we had the opportunity to try Alchemy’s hair oils created for deep conditioning and styling.

The range is composed of two different oils: the Grapefruit and Amla Hair Remedies. The first one is made up of nourishing oils (Coconut, Avocado, Almond and Castor oils) known for their capacity to aid in hair growth and strengthening, and leave hair looking more lustrous. In addition, the first remedy fights dandruff thanks to the Grapefruit Essential Oil. The second oil offers amazing growth and a natural cleanse due to the nutritious blend of Amla, Coconut, Avocado, and Argan oils, whilst also helping to maintain the hair’s natural colour for longer. They really are a multi-purpose hair product! For dry hair, apply the oil from the roots to the tips for a minimum of 30 min and for damp hair, apply it only on the tips then blow-dry as usual. We also love how it smells, as it reminds us of holidays in the tropics.

Try the Grapefruit oil here for £24 and the Alma oil here for £27.