The Tribal LuLu - Beach LuLu

Beach LuLu - photo blog copy.jpg

Summer has finally arrived! Here at the Amazing Blog we love to look out for new fashionable trends that are evolving all around the world.  Summer is defiantly the time to throw the jumpers and long coats back into your wardrobe has beach season is here.  

Beach LuLu has a stylish take on summer essentials with their hand drawn designs it comes in several eye catching prints, in the picture we are showing you one of the prints called The Tribal Lu Lu. This particular towel is inspired by the tribal art and has elements of waves, dunes, sand and bursts of sunshine into one design. 

The beach is a place you never want to leave, you can never have too much time on the beach so why not be beach ready and get yourself a Beach LuLu towel that is 100% cotton. We really like the cool twist to the towel of being in a round shape it also has tassels at the end that adds more attention to detail.

So why not be beach ready and purchase yourself The Tribal LuLu it is available for £70.00.