ALL TIGERS - Liquid Lipstick & Nail Lacquer

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Did you know that the average woman can eat up to 2kg of lipstick in her lifetime? At the Amazing Blog we love our lipstick and probably consume even more than the average woman! However, it’s scary to think what we are consuming if we use lipsticks that are made from chemicals or other unnatural ingredients. That’s where ALL TIGERS steps in.

The founder Alexis Robillard was inspired by this and a simple question was born: What if he could create the perfect lipstick that’s both eco-friendly and stylish? Unique in their approach, ALL TIGERS is a young and fun brand, they even took to their Instagram account to poll with future customers and get approval on each important decision. They support the preservation of the wild tiger and its eco-system in Asia, within the framework of the 1% FOR THE PLANET . ALL TIGERS is a fitting name because of the powerful nature of the brand, made for the queens of the modern jungle!

ALL TIGERS is the culmination of trendy and eco-friendly – the perfect merger. We tried the Natural & Vegan Liquid Lipstick in the shade 888 Pure Red ‘Call me Queen’ . We loved the timeless red shade of this lipstick, which is suitable for women of all skin tones. This shade screams ‘tigress’ as women have long worn red lipstick as a symbol of their power and femininity. The lipstick has an ‘easy-matte’ finish with a blend of botanical oils and waxes. We love that with just one swipe of ‘Call Me Queen’ across your lips and you’ll have a high-coverage red pout that lasts for hours.

Now every girl needs the perfect red nail lacquer to match her signature red lips. The ALL TIGERS Nail Lacquer in Red 298 ‘Hit It Big’ applies a pigmented colour to your claws. We love how it has bamboo, acerola, gotu kola and glycerin to improve nail strength. The generous brush applicator is the perfect size for applying the polish in one swipe. Its long-wear non chip vegan formula was made for queens of the concrete jungle. Free your claws from chemical-based nail lacquers with this vegan polish.

We love this stylish brand and their mission to empower women to be fierce and powerful while also being eco-friendly. If you want to join us in the prowl, you can purchase ALL TIGERS Liquid Lipstick here for £20.50. The Nail Lacquer can be purchased here for £11.50.