An Inmate Themed Night Out:

If like us at The Amazing Blog you're always looking for a unique way to spend a night out on the town with friends or a loved one. Well, look no further than Alcotraz - London’s own prison-themed cocktail bar. Alcotraz provides guests with an adventurous twist on an average night out in London.


Alcotraz is definitely not your typical bar experience. When you arrive at Alcotraz you
become an inmate
. Inmates change into orange jumpsuits and pose for their mugshots, just like actual prisoners. Individuals must find a way to smuggle their liquor of choice past the
intimidating warden and into the prison. Inside the prison, there are actors stationed as guards, who can assist you in sneaking your alcohol past the warden.


If you successfully make it past the warden with your alcohol, you will arrive at the
prison’s secret bar where other inmates can serve you drinks. To make the prison scene more
realistic, there is no set drink menu at the bar. Rather, guests have to customize their own drinks and work with the ingredients provided at the bar. With prison cells as the perfect backdrop,Alcotraz is sure to be a memorable night out for all guests in attendance.


Alcotraz is open on Wednesday nights from 6:15pm - 10:15pm. On Thursday, Friday and
Saturday nights Alcotraz is open from 5:00pm - 11:15pm. A limited amount of tickets are
available here for £33.99. With the purchase of a ticket to Alcotraz guests are given an hour
and 45 minutes inside the prison and four drinks. We would suggest booking in advance because tickets are selling out fast!