Kill The Cat Tasting Sessions


The first of March is here, and (thankfully), so is Friday! We're not crazy drinkers at The Amazing Blog, but we'd be lying if we didn't admit to enjoying a tipple or two at the weekend. We were therefore excited to be introduced to Kill The Cat...a craft beer bottle shop with a difference! Based on the famous Brick Lane, they have over 150 specially curated beers, not only providing standard beers but a vast array of unique and innovative flavours. Whether you're a connoisseur, or more amateur (we're certainly in the latter category), Kill The Cat are committed to providing their customers with a newfound favourite. Even better still, you can choose from three tasting tours - with expert advice to help you along your way to finding something a little different from your 'usual.'


Having discovered this brand, we were keen to delve further into the way in which they operate. Those with a penchant for beer may recognise that many companies group their beers by brewery or geography, and while this may be no bad thing, we were intrigued by the unique categorisation of Kill The Cat's offerings. Taking inspiration directly from the brand name (and with a little pun inspiration), you'll find that Cat 1 beers cover the familiar, whereas Cat 2 will provide a slightly rarer and unusual range. For the adventurous, Cat 3 is ideal, acclaimed to include beers that will ‘blow your mind.’ Now if you're feeling a little lost, then never fret, the beers are also arranged by their colour (light to dark), and expert advice is on hand, with top picks each month to provide a ittle inspiration.


If you’re still not sure where to start, then a beer tasting is the answer, with three different options: The Beer Curious, The One Track Mind (IPA's) and The Killers. As the name suggests, The Beer Curious is an introduction to the world of beer, with a guided tasting of six beers, ranging from easy drinkers to more full-on brews. If you're a more seasoned pro or prefer IPA's, then The One Track Mind will float your boat, again with six drinks to try. Finally, for those looking to find innovative beers above the rest, then The Killers tour will be for you! This includes the tasting of nine different beers, picked acutely because of their uniqueness and rarity. Whichever tour you choose, you'll be enticed by the contemporary and fresh interior. Each tour lasts for around an hour, and you'll be treated to complimentary snacks - what's not to love?

Price wise, these tastings are reasonable, ranging from £22.50-£45 per person. These rates depend on the number of people in your tasting group, and the tour you decide on. To see the full price list, then visit the Kill The Cat website here where you can view their availability and browse the online shop. We think this would make an excellent gift for a beer lover, or an equally nice way to whittle away an hour or so with friends. Be sure to let us know how you get on, and we hope you have a wonderful beer-curious weekend!

Live Well London

Live Well London.png

February is here, and we are proud to say that we are keeping to our New Year’s Resolutions at The Amazing Blog (well, for the most part anyway). Many resolutions revolve around health and fitness, aiming to make 2019 our year of maintaining a healthy body and mind. We were therefore excited to discover the new event, Live Well London, taking place from the 1st-3rd March in Old Billingsgate.


This event will encompass a full line-up of classes, workshops, inspirational talks, live kitchen demos and much more. From fitness to nutrition, beauty and well-being, Live Well London offers a number of contributors and influencers who will be giving well-founded advice, from both personal and professional experiences. This ensures that you will leave having gained wisdom from a range of experienced professionals. Understanding the need for a varied range of advice, organisers have secured speakers from all walks of the fitness and health industries. Matt Roberts, one of the UK’s leading personal trainers, and best-selling fitness authors, will be on hand to provide science-based advice, to help you live a more energised life. The founder of Mind and Meditation, Niraj Shah will imparting her knowledge for those looking for well being and inspiration. If that’s not enough, then skincare expert Liz Earle will be offering advice on how to really take care of your skin. These names are just the tip of the iceberg, with a vast amount of other speakers with equal amounts of wisdom to share. Click here to see what's on over the course of the three days.


The event will also include sessions from More YOGA and Barre Studio, unique and popular classes that prove exercise isn’t limited to running on a treadmill (although this is of course allowed if it’s your thing). The event focuses on four key areas: Well Moved, Well Balanced, Well Nourished and Well Restored. Well Balanced will help you to find new ways of moving, from addressing fitness crazes, to explaining the benefits of HIIT or Pilates. Well Balanced is centred around mental health, an ever prevalent and important topic. You can expect advice on mindfulness and meditation, as well as life-coaching and therapy. Well Nourished will focus on getting the glow from within, with tips and tricks on upping your intake of vitamins, and nutritional food and drinks. Finally, Well Restored will allow you to discover retreats, spas, wellness holidays, courses and more - because we’re all in need of a little escape sometimes.

We predict tickets will sell fast for this event, and as they are limited, we urge you to order sooner, rather than later. If you’ve fallen off the New Year bandwagon, or are simply looking for ways to ramp up your healthy routines, then we’re sure there will be something for you. Click here to purchase a ticket from £35.

Williams Handmade - Leatherwork Clutch Bag/iPad Case Course

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We like to shake it up a bit on our activity weekends. After all, we can’t let those precious free days go to waste. This is when The Amazing Blog discovered Williams Handmade, a company who specialises in craft leather goods.  They offer several leather-working workshops, like the Half Day Clutch Bag/iPad Case Course.

Picture 2.JPG

Designer Sarah Williams founded Williams Handmade in 2010. As award winners of the Accessories Collection of the Year Award at ITS#NINE, The Accessory Award from Absolut Vodka, and taking part of the “Power of Craft” exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Williams Handmade truly deserves the description of high-quality craftsmanship. The company has also been shortlisted for the Ketel One Modern Craftsman Award and was nominated by Selfridges as one of their Bright Young Things.

From glasses cases to bags, Sarah Williams creates each of these items herself in the Williams Handmade Workshop in Bircher, Leominster which is located on the Hereford/Shropshire borders. If you love to support local artisans as we do, you should also know that the products are made from English Bridle leather coming from Northamptonshire.

Picture 4.JPG

We’re particularly excited about their Half Day Clutch Bag/iPad Case Course. By the end of the day, you’ll have your own clutch bag or iPad case to bring home and put to use.  Our team members have never worked with leather before, but luckily there’s no need for prior experience to take this course. The day entails learning the basics of leatherwork (i.e. how to cut and prepare leather), the traditional saddle stitch, and learning how to finish the edges. You also get to choose your preferred colour and pattern combination, so your lovely bag or case is just to your liking!

The Williams Handmade Half Day Clutch Bag/iPad Case Course runs from 9am-1pm on the 20th of October for £65. Tea, coffee, and cake are included. If you’d like to spice up your Saturday with this fabulous course, click here. If you’re interested in finding out about their other classes, click here.

Go! Organic Festival


The Amazing Blog can't wait to attend this new Go! Organic Festival which is on this weekend, 8th & 9th September in Battersea Park. As always, we’re passionate about promoting those who create products that help to support our environment and urge us to lead a healthier lifestyle! 

Go! Organic is a Brighton-based event company that aims to inspire people to adopt a natural and healthy lifestyle. They hope to educate all attendees on organic food and drink and have even invited local farmers to speak about their organic produce. The event will have music and entertainment, workshops and activities for both adults and children.


The marketplace hosts the best-certified food, drink, clothing, beauty and lifestyle brands with an anticipated 15,000 visitors in attendance. And, let's not forget about the beer festival. After all, Stroud Brewery has teamed up with this event, featuring more than 40 organic beers from various UK breweries.


On the main stage will be top bands The Hoosiers and The Magic Numbers, including television personalities such as Jonathan Dimbleby, Simon King, Janey Lee Grace and Mr Bloom. The talents of some of the country’s most exciting chefs will also grace the kitchen, too. These chefs to name a few, are Gelf Alderson, executive chef at River Cottage, Emily Watkins, head chef of The Kingham Plough, and Chetna Makan, a contestant on Great British Bake Off. Other activities include circus acts, a fair and children’s farm. Purchase an adult ticket here for £26 or a child ticket here for £13 – children under the age of five can attend for free. For an even better deal, grab 2 tickets for the price of 1 using the code GO241. Simply quote this at the checkout on the Go! Organic website.


Predator Adventures with the Seabreacher Experience


We at the Amazing Blog sent Simon to explore...

So here’s a question - do you ever watch David Attenborough’s latest watery adventure, and from the relative safety of the living room sectional, thinking ‘hell yeah, I wish I could dive like that?’ Now is your chance, thanks to last year's launch of Predator Adventures and the Seabreacher. The Amazing Blog just loves the fact that you can literally become an 18-foot long killer whale - or perhaps a dolphin in our case, gliding majestically along the River Thames. It is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and exciting options for the metropolitan adrenaline junkie. 


To see for yourself how fun this adventure can be, check out this video. Who doesn't want to give this one a go? Whilst protected by the elements with the F-16 Fighter Grade glass cockpit, you get to live out that Top Gun fantasy. With speeds up to 60 mph above the water, or 40mph below the surface, you will also get to jump 18-feet or dive to 6-feet, it’s one hell of a way to get your heartbeat racing.


Tickets cost from £89.00 (book here) for 20 minutes or £104 for 30 minutes. They also currently have an offer of two people for £189, for 30 minutes.  You can choose your preferred level of adventure: Dare To Conquer, Weekday Blast, or The Ultimate Thrill. However, children have to be over the age of 8-years-old. The demand for a fantastic way to spend 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the level, is going to be huge. So get in there fast and be ready to experience something unique. If you see a BBC camera crew jostling for a picture on the embankment - SMILE! You could be fronting Blue Planet’s opening titles on the new series!

For more information about Predator Adventures and the Seabreacher experiences they’re going to be offering in 2018, or for any other information, please visit here or email info@predatoradventures.com.