Aroma Spray Tea Tree Ravintsara

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The Amazing Blog team are always up for a history lesson, and this week we get to mix that with our favourite duty to our readers of sourcing the latest and greatest #amazingfinds. So, first off let us introduce you to the Tea Tree Ravintsara Aroma Spray from Saint Côme Laboratoire which has to be unashamedly inhaled to be believed! Formulated in particular to keep the winter bugs at bay, it’s a best seller in France. The key ingredient oils of tea tree known for its anti-bacterial properties and ravintsara for treating infections, wounds and cuts – make this an unbeatable combo if you are working in a busy office with lots of coughs and sneezes. This spray is a concentrated formula of 100% pure, natural and premium grade essential oils. A big plus is that its vegan-friendly, with no sulphates, parabens or silicones and you’ll soon be everyone’s best friend when you release the delicious fragrance emanating from this bottle. Note to the wise though, because of this purity and concentration, a little goes a long way and therefore this 100ml bottle will thankfully last and last!

Laboratoire Saint Côme is a family run business based in Dijon, France, owned by Christian and Claude Richard, who come from a long line of pharmacists, and who have always been inspired by the very first doctors of medicine who went on to become saints - Cosmas and Damian. A philanthropic duo who didn’t believe in charging their patients, but pursued a life of healing and discovery of the best natural healthcare possible, whilst avoiding chemical drugs at all costs. Similarly, Christian and Claude have pushed the apothecary herbal side of their business, enjoying far-reaching success with each product. With Christian focusing on the natural remedies side, Claude has concentrated on the cosmetic range, bringing together a formidable business formula.

The award-winning Tea Tree Ravintsara spray is by no means the only concoction on offer, but it is certainly a corker and a great introduction to this fabulous range. A single squirt will transform any room, and certainly eliminates any nasty germs or disagreeable odours you may want to get rid of - peppermint may be the initial hit of fragrance you get, but it is closely followed by sweet orange and oregano giving you layers of the flavour depths. Truly one to have to hand where a tone of scented ambience is required, and at £11.99, it is a bottle of luxury which will last and last. See here or for the complete series of seven here which are also available to enjoy.