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Abibu London’s Nutra-Revitalising Moisturiser


As the largest organ in the body, our skin goes through an incredible amount of wear and tear. That’s where a moisturiser comes in as the artillery, and the skin’s sword and shield. It’s our job to give our skin the strongest weapons to fight dryness and the appearance of wrinkles. The Amazing Blog discovered just the product, a defensive moisturiser by Abibu London.

As a newly launched skincare, Abibu London was founded by renowned pharmacist and product formulation expert Tomi Abibu (MPharm MPharmS); her belief is that the most vital component of healthy skin is consistent hydration. This is where she launched Abibu London, with its first ground-breaking all-in-one Nutra-Revitalising Moisturiser from the forthcoming hydraVictuals skincare range. Essentially, the hydraVisuals range of skincare is formulated to boost absorption, and the distribution of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to help improve the look and feel of the complexion.

The Nutra-Revitalising Moisturiser is armed with peptides to help the skin feel firmer, anti-oxidants, vitamin C and E, and natural extracts from chamomile, calendula, and aloe vera. This moisturiser is certainly ready for battle, and is also paraben-free and not tested on animals. Use the Nutra-Revitalising Moisturiser to even your skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation, and bring out your natural complexion. We particularly liked the elegant baby pink packaging with it's stylish square-shaped tub. It's certainly got a very luxurious feel about it and is a product that you'll proudly want to display as a dressing table centrepiece. The lightness of the consistency, together with the subtle rose scent, makes it a versatile and cost-effective product, we used it for both night and day. We say 'hurry up Abibu London' as we can't wait to try more from this new range! Purchase Abibu London’s Nutra-Revitalising Moisturiser 50ml here for £66.

She LDN Candle


Rain or shine, all of us at The Amazing Blog are continually burning candles in the evenings. There is something simple and calming about watching the flickering flame and being surrounded by its seductive fragrance. This is why we're always on the hunt for our next one! Recently, we discovered SHE LDN, an up-and-coming British home fragrance brand. The company is known for their handmade soy-based candles, which are inspired by the modern streets of LondonSHE LDN produces all their handmade candles in their London studio. This week we're burning their NO. 1 Tropical Candlewhich we think is evocative of forthcoming summer festivals (especially our fav, the Notting Hill Carnival) with its exotic fragrance. Bring on the sunshine, even if it's raining! We just can’t get enough of this uplifting fragrance!

The NO. 1 Tropical Candle also reminds us of Piña Coladas on a warm, sunny beach. The tropical blend of pineapple, banana, and mango is made from high-quality soy-wax and essential and fragrance oils. One of our favourite things about this candle, apart from its fragrance, is the stylish design and packaging. This funky candle comes in a sleek cardboard box and glass container, all printed with a contemporary colourful design of flamingos and palm trees.

The candle has up to a 50 hour burn time, so it'll give you a week or so of summer evening pleasure, even if it is (like now) grey, rainy and miserable! To achieve best results, SHE LDN suggests burning the candle for at maximum 4 hours at a time. They also recommend trimming the wick 1/8 – ¼ of an inch before each use.

You can purchase the NO. 1 Tropical Candle from SHE LDN here for £20.00. 

The London International Mime Festival

The London International Mime Festival is back, so catch this while you can. The Festival is only here for a limited run from the 10th of January to the 3rd of February.  Be sure not to miss these extraordinary, mesmerising and disciplined performers who are a treat to behold. We are so lucky to have the best of the best in the world of mime showcasing here on our doorstep. The London International Mime Festival as you’ve probably guessed is something of a favourite with us at The Amazing Blog and we're itching to get their hands on some of these very special tickets. 

Bêtes de foire by Petit Théâtre de Gestes/Association Z’Alegria at The Barbican Pit

Bêtes de foire by Petit Théâtre de Gestes/Association Z’Alegria at The Barbican Pit

With 16 performances spanning across London from Soho, the Barbican and even to the peripheries of Shoreditch; there's something for everyone.  Be it exquisite object and mechanical theatre from France, 19th century stage magic from Finland, a heart-warming Mexican wedding, or the breath taking new circus-theatre, which was at the start of the festival.

Peeping Tom's 32 rue Vandenbranden at The Barbican Theatre

Peeping Tom's 32 rue Vandenbranden at The Barbican Theatre

First off we want to see the performance of UK premiere of the Belgium production ‘ Peeping Tom ‘ directed by Gabriela Carrizo (which won the 2015 Olivier Award for Best New Dance Production) described as ‘….disturbing and oddly humorous. They explore an archetypal figure familiar to us all, in a production of astonishing physicality that defies characterisation.’ On at the Barbican Theatre, book your tickets here

Lebensraum by Jakop Ahlbom & Alamo Race Track at The Peacock Theatre

Lebensraum by Jakop Ahlbom & Alamo Race Track at The Peacock Theatre

At the Peacock Theatre is Lebensraum, which is by the Dutch visual theatre masters, the brilliant Swedish director Jakop Ahlbom and Alamo Race Track. Their performance is in the genre of a silent movie, based on the magic of Buster Keaton’s The Scarecrow. Quoted in the Telegraph as ‘Like a Charlie Chaplin skit penned by Harold Pinter’ book your tickets here.

Silent Movie Classics screened at the Barbican

Silent Movie Classics screened at the Barbican

Finally to mention, that earlier in the Festival this year rarely-seen silent movie classics with live piano accompaniment was shown. This included discussions, workshops in puppetry and physical/visual theatre led by internationally-renowned professionals. So you see there's something for everyone – enjoy!



Friday Favourites - Winterville


As we may have mentioned before, at The Amazing Blog we absolutely LOVE this festive period! Mulled wine, fairy lights and layers are among some of the best things, so being able to enjoy all three in one event is certainly an evening we won't be missing! This year one of our favourite festive events, Winterville, is taking place in South London at Clapham Common

What we like about Winterville is that the event offers Londoner’s an alternative festive experience that’s accessible and enjoyable for all. Go ice-skating on the outdoor ice rink, take the kids to the fairground or head to the roller rink with some friends for an active and fast-paced day.  If you would rather relax and be entertained then head to their famous Spiegeltent which is hosting one-off events such as comedy, cabaret and family Christmas shows.  What’s more, the event is the part-time home to some of London’s best street food at the Feastopia, full of option and delight. 

image (1).jpg

Entry is free, but attractions and events are priced individually. Winterville is open from November 23rd until January 5th, so there is plenty of time for you to go and no excuse for you not to. NB:  Due to weekend popularity for all these individual events, Friday and Saturday night you will need to book your tickets here.

Fairfield's Farm Tortilla Crisps.

There’s nothing better than sitting down with your favourite savoury and crunchy snack after a long day. Of course, you don’t want to eat too many, so eating crisps that are low-fat helps curb our appetite without the guilt. Which is why we at The Amazing Blog were excited when Fairfields Farm sent us two of their Tortilla Crisp packs: Jalapeno & Lime and Nacho Cheese.

Fairfields Farm specialises in making vegetarian and vegan-friendly products that are low in fat and high in protein. Their crisps are also gluten-free. Not only are these crisps healthy, they’re also delicious! We loved the refreshing taste of the Jalapeno & Lime. The cool lime mixed with the spicy jalapeno is the perfect combination to wake up your mouth.

And with the Nacho Cheese pack you don’t have to reach for the tortilla chips and dip because this pack has everything you need from mouth-watering nacho cheese to crunchy crisps.

Snack without the guilt with Fairfield's Tortilla Crisps. Purchase the Nacho Cheese here and the Jalapeno & Lime here.