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Aroma Spray Tea Tree Ravintsara

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The Amazing Blog team are always up for a history lesson, and this week we get to mix that with our favourite duty to our readers of sourcing the latest and greatest #amazingfinds. So, first off let us introduce you to the Tea Tree Ravintsara Aroma Spray from Saint Côme Laboratoire which has to be unashamedly inhaled to be believed! Formulated in particular to keep the winter bugs at bay, it’s a best seller in France. The key ingredient oils of tea tree known for its anti-bacterial properties and ravintsara for treating infections, wounds and cuts – make this an unbeatable combo if you are working in a busy office with lots of coughs and sneezes. This spray is a concentrated formula of 100% pure, natural and premium grade essential oils. A big plus is that its vegan-friendly, with no sulphates, parabens or silicones and you’ll soon be everyone’s best friend when you release the delicious fragrance emanating from this bottle. Note to the wise though, because of this purity and concentration, a little goes a long way and therefore this 100ml bottle will thankfully last and last!

Laboratoire Saint Côme is a family run business based in Dijon, France, owned by Christian and Claude Richard, who come from a long line of pharmacists, and who have always been inspired by the very first doctors of medicine who went on to become saints - Cosmas and Damian. A philanthropic duo who didn’t believe in charging their patients, but pursued a life of healing and discovery of the best natural healthcare possible, whilst avoiding chemical drugs at all costs. Similarly, Christian and Claude have pushed the apothecary herbal side of their business, enjoying far-reaching success with each product. With Christian focusing on the natural remedies side, Claude has concentrated on the cosmetic range, bringing together a formidable business formula.

The award-winning Tea Tree Ravintsara spray is by no means the only concoction on offer, but it is certainly a corker and a great introduction to this fabulous range. A single squirt will transform any room, and certainly eliminates any nasty germs or disagreeable odours you may want to get rid of - peppermint may be the initial hit of fragrance you get, but it is closely followed by sweet orange and oregano giving you layers of the flavour depths. Truly one to have to hand where a tone of scented ambience is required, and at £11.99, it is a bottle of luxury which will last and last. See here or for the complete series of seven here which are also available to enjoy.


Friday Favourites - Vegtoberfest

We notice at The Amazing Blog that the best thing about being a vegan in 2019 is not having to give up any of your old favourite foods. Almost every comfort food has a vegan counterpart and you don’t have to feel left behind while eating plant-based. Vegtoberfest, the UK’s first vegan Oktoberfest celebration proves that you don’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle choices to have a good time.


Started in 2018, Vegtoberfest aims to bring the Oktoberfest celebration (with all the beer and bratwursts as you can imagine) to the vegan market. Picture the classic Oktoberfest celebrations but with a modern, vegan twist! Oktoberfest is a celebration of beer – first and foremost, and Vegtoberfest did not forget that. With vegan-friendly Bavarian beers and local craft ales, the choices are endless. There will also be a selection of wines, cocktails and vegan Bailey’s for those non-beer drinkers in the bunch.

Now, we know you’re wondering “What kind of food will Vegtoberfest have?” Good question. It wouldn’t be an Oktoberfest celebration without Bratwurst. Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Dinner, Camden’s leading vegan street food specialist, will be serving Bratwursts with all the trimmings, German Potato Pancakes and their famous Dirty Burgers. Also served at Vegtoberfest will be pizzas, pretzels, loaded fries and ice cream. Did someone say yum?


There will also be live music and entertainment both weekends. With performances from the Old Dirty Brasstards, Brasstermind and many other live acoustic acts, we’re sure you’ll be entertained the whole time! Dee Riley, London’s leading cabaret stage magician will be hosting the entertainment both weekends.


Vegtoberfest will take place two weekends in a row – on October 12th and 19th at Fest Camden. The main room will be transformed into a festival themed beer hall. We definitely wouldn’t blame you if you wore your Dirndl dresses. Early Bird tickets are on sale now for £13.50 (including taxes and service charges) and you can buy them here. Once Early Bird sells out the tickets will be £16.50, so buy your tickets as soon as possible!

Skin Euphoria - C20 Booster Serum

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Most have us have a regular skincare routine which involves numerous steps and products. At The Amazing Blog we believe that having too many products to apply can sometimes be just too much of a faff! For us it’s all about applying a good revitalising serum, moisturiser, SPF and we’re ready to go! So, we’re always on the hunt for an effective serum that will start our day off right. That’s when we discovered Skin Euphoria’s C20 Booster Serum .

Skin Euphoria London was founded by Emma Osman who is perhaps best known as a leading permanent makeup artist and successful beauty entrepreneur. Emma was obsessed with creating a skincare brand that had clinically proven ingredients. She said: “This new formula provides a powerful counter to the harmful effects of our daily lives by actively promoting the regeneration of healthy skin cells and by targeting the harmful causes of ageing and acting as a first line of defence.” She also believes it is all down to the blend of ingredients which encourage the production of collagen elastin for an even, smooth and bright complexion.  

Skin Euphoria has recently launched a new C20 Booster Serum with vitamin B, C, E and ferulic acid. This is no ordinary serum, it’s equipped with revolutionary ingredients to fight UV damage, promote collagen synthesis and optimise the skin’s natural protection against pollution and sun damage.  The C20 booster serum with the vitamin C, (aka l-ascorbic acid) is the essential ingredient to help brightening, getting rid of hyper-pigmentation, firms the skin reducing fine lines and defends the skin from oxidative stress. Vitamin B3 Niacinamide helps to improves the appearance of large pores, brightens and fights against environmental toxins. Vitamin B5 Panthenol is a water absorbing humectant and conditioner that works to pull in and blind moisture. Hyaluronic acid is also a hydrating agent that replenishes moisture leaving skin feeling softer and plumper. Lastly, Ferulic acid is found in the cell wall of grains and is an antioxidant which effectively neutralizes free radicals which could cause premature ageing. It further stabilizes vitamin C and enhances the properties of vitamin E.

The booster serum easily penetrates the dermis, without leaving your skin feeling oily or greasy. Put 3-4 drops into the palm of your hands and gently apply on your face, neck and décolletage. During the day, we suggest using before a moisturiser and SPF. Also, it’s gentle enough to be applied under the eye. All the products are fully vegan, not tested on animals, have no parabens, sulphates or artificial fragrance. Skin Euphoria C20 Booster Serum is 30ml for £24.99. Buy here and fight off your UV damage skin with this new fabulous super-charged serum.



Silver Swift - Spirited Spritzers

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Come rain come shine, weekday or weekend there will always be time for a drink or two at The Amazing Blog. If it’s a celebration in the office, then we like to make life easy by finding a chilled spritzer style mixer stashed away in the fridge. In our search for this very type of tipple, we discovered Silver Swift Spirited Spritzers.

Rose Unwin, the founder of Silver Swift Spirited Spritzers, created this when she (like us) was looking for something quick, ready mixed and unique. In 2017, her mission was to make a delicious ready-to-drink spritzer for those wanting a sophisticated British made cocktail. Since then, Silver Swift has already gained recognition by being awarded a silver for the vodka-based spritzers in the Global Speciality Spirit Masters 2018 and shortlisted for the Great British Food 2018 and for ‘Best Newcomer 2018’ by Speciality Food Magazine.

Silver Swift Spirited Spritzers come in four vibrant flavoured cocktail combinations, and each contains a high-end distilled spirit. The first flavour we tried was Basil Blush Vodka which is a blend of sparkling water, award-winning Brittains Vodka (a Doncaster premium vodka), strawberries and fresh basil. The drink has a sweet pepperiness to the finish and beautiful blush tint in the glass.

Tipsy Iced Tea Vodka also contained Brittains Vodka it is light sparkling drink made of gooseberry, elderflower and earl grey. We like the twist with earl grey which gives it a subtle smoky taste and a tang of iced tea.  

Wild Rose Gin is composed Two Birds’ Old Tom Gin, sparkling water, blackberry and raspberry, rose and a dash of lemon. I think this was our favourite we liked the lingering floral rose flavour.

Lastly, Orchard Pear Gin Tonic is a new addition to the spritzers range. As the name suggests, it is made up of sparkling tonic water, a juicy pear and elderflower with a dash of lemon. The drinks are best served chilled or over ice with bits and pieces of real fruit and a slice of lemon. It reminded us of a classic ‘Gin Fizz’ with a shot of elderflower.

Make no mistake, these Silver Swift drinks are no ordinary spritzer drinks. The drinks are low in calories (from 85 to the highest of 98), they are made with country garden flavours, vegan free from gluten and other nasties and are made with Britain’s award-winning spirits. You’ll also be glad to know that each of their drinks only has a low alcoholic percentage of just 5% abv. These four drinks not only look pretty they are very palatable and unusual, we think they’re great for drinking alone or pairing with food. The bottles are 250ml  with a price point of £2.55 each, to purchase see here, Cheers!



L’Erbolario - Albero di Giada, Jade Plant Perfume Mignon

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Fragrance is definitely our thing at The Amazing Blog. We always try to find new scents that excite! We were thrilled to try a perfume from a new discovery brand for us L’Erbolario, which is intriguingly made from the jade plant blossom.

L’Erbolario was started in 1978 in Lodi in Italy and  was founded by Franco Bergamaschi and his wife Daniela Vila. Over the years, L’Erbolario has not lost its unique and original philosophy of respect, and nod towards nature combined with the latest technology and knowledge. L’Erbolario has also implemented its zero impact project with energy savings, short production chains and vegan recipes.

They have recently launched a new face and body collection: Albero di Giada, which is made from jade plant flowers and this Jade Plant Perfume Mignon is among them. The Jade Plant Perfume comes in an elegantly designed, slender jade green packaging. The perfume is a feminine fragrance with a floral and citrus scent.  It is made up of jade plant flowers with notes of bergamot, yellow rose, white tea, exotic verbena and amber.

It is a super fresh fragrance and smells like a mix of wild flowers, and different green plants with a hint of zest and sweetness combined with well-brewed green-tea. Neither of the scents overpower each other giving a really refreshing green fragrance.  We recommend spritzing and then waiting for a few minutes, for that subtle and unique floral scent to sweep over you. This is an all-year-round fragrance with its intoxicating botanical mix.

L’Erbolario Jade plant perfume has no animal ingredients or animal testing. It has been tested for seven metals, (nickel, lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, antimony and chromium) ensuring that it suitable for use even on the most sensitive skin. It is GMO free with recyclable paper packaging. We also like the 15ml bottle because of its versatility and can fit in any bag. The Jade Plant perfume 15ml is £18.50 or 30ml for £33.50. Purchase your Jade Plant Perfume Mignon here.