AT Beauty’s Snail Extract Intelligent Mask

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Although we believe that beauty is ageless, The Amazing Blog understands that preventing wrinkles is a priority for some – and we have just the product for you.  After featuring A.T Antao’s Oh My Glide Eyeliner, it is no surprise that we would be covering the company again.  A.T launched its Intelligent Sleep Mask that improves elasticity and softness.  Its secret ingredient? Snail extract. Yes, you read that correctly.

As a luxury cosmetics brand, it’s only fitting the company prides itself on their useful and high-quality products. Teniya Tao, founder of A.T, uses hidden beauty secrets from China. The mask contains snail helix dispersa muller – an ingredient frequently used in ancient China. The ingredient’s properties are known for its remedial benefits which are both hydrating and soothing. In addition to elasticity improvement, the mask balances oil levels and minimises pores.

To use this product, gently massage the mask in upward strokes, apply lightly at night to the face, neck and décolletage; it is perfect for waking up with a  soft, silky nourished complexion. While we questioned the snail extract at first, we actually regret not trying this product sooner. It comes in a very stylish red pot with a spatula for application. And just in case you are wondering, the mask is odourless in an opaque gel.  You can purchase an 80g tub of AT’s Snail Extract Intelligent Mask here for £22.80.