Aviela - African Black Soap and Body Scrub

Having heard nothing but great things about Aviela products we were delighted to receive the African black soap and Body scrub here at the Amazing Blog offices.

The Aviela brand was founded by Patricia Mooney in 2007, after she saw the extraordinary way shea butter helped heal her daughter’s ankle. At almost 2 years old Patricia’s daughter was unable to walk, and was told she may need surgery on her left ankle. However, before the surgery went ahead a bone specialist advised her to rub Shea Butter into her daughter’s ankle twice daily to see if it could soften the cartilage - within four days Patricia’s daughter was up walking! Ever since this miracle Patricia has been creating amazing products using Shea Butter.

The Aviela soap is an all-natural, fragrance free soap, ideal for sensitive skin, with calming and soothing properties for irritated skin. It extracts impurities and excess oils, whilst still leaving your body feeling moisturised and soft. The Shea Body Scrub exfoliates away dead skin sells leaving you with revived and refreshed skin which feels silky smooth. The Shea Butter contained within the scrub is premium quality so it can treat a number of skin conditions, unlike many other products which claim to use the same ingredient. 

If you’re not convinced of the shea butter medicinal properties, try it out for yourself here on the Aveila website. The soap is only £5.20 and the Body Scrub is £13.13, a bargain for miracle products!