Back Nodger

When the Back Nodger arrived in the office, I’ll be the first to admit that we here at The Amazing Blog were a little wary. Looking more like golf club than a massage tool, we were unsure as to how it could provide any relief from our aches and pains. However, after a little research, and a few minor mishaps, we were soon ‘nodging’ our knots away.

We all know that when working a desk job, it can be difficult to maintain a great posture. As well as not looking your best, hunching over a keyboard all day also contributes to those dreaded back pains. Although we’re firm believers in prevention before cure, and try to work on a great sitting stance, once the damage is done, we’re always comforted when we come across something that can provide a little relief. The Back Nodger is a great way to work on stiffness and tension. Born out of creator, Asher Nathan’s inability to massage the hard to reach parts of his lower back, he decided to take a leaf out of the Japanese’s book, altering their shiatsu methods until he came up with the perfect deep tissue massager. Recommended by physiotherapists, this curved steel tool isn’t your typical massager, and can take a bit of getting used to. Luckily, Back Nodger provide a handy ‘how-to’ video,  so you will be giving yourselves a good ‘nodging’ in no time. When used right, the nodger should feel like a thumb pushing into those parts of your back that you can't quite reach. After a few uses, we felt the tension melt away, leaving us a lot more comfortable at our desks. Although an attractive masseuse is always preferable, we’re more than happy to settle for the Back Nodger.

The Back Nodger is available to buy here for £29.99. We’re certainly grateful for the excuse to give ourselves a quick massage at our desks.