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When we at The Amazing Blog find an effective and inspired product, we look for any excuse to feature them again, so when the opportunity arose to sample GMT Beauty’s Body Concept range we leapt at the chance! Having tried GMT's Natura Concept range previously and having loved it, we decided to try the Almond Massage Oil and the Bust Gel.

The Almond Massage Oil is a high-quality, natural organic oil full of Vitamin E to help nourish skin. Almond oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as Omega 9 and 6, which are instrumental to the body’s metabolic processes. The added vitamin E in this product acts as a powerful antioxidant which helps to preserve skin’s youthfulness and vitality. You can use this oil to combat cellulite through massage or to simply relax after a stressful day. Due to the neutral aroma and pure ingredients this oil is ideal for any skin type, including sensitive skin. What's more, the product is completely free from parabens, perfume, mineral oil and silicones - all of which are ingredients that could irritate delicate and sensitive skin. 

An important step, but one that seems to be most forgotten, is to incorporate your neck, décolletage and bust into your daily skincare regime, especially if you want to maintain youthful skin. Why keep your face looking youthful and firm but neglect a tell tale area just a little further south? The Bust Gel improves the structure and tone while also helping to tighten and firm the skin. The ingredients consist of a high-quality mixture of natural and organic oils. It contains rutin and escin which helps strengthen capillary walls while nourishing and moisturising skin, contributing to the development of a youthful radiance. The gel is rich in antioxidants, which are 100 times more effective than vitamin C in fighting free radicals. The gel accelerates collagen synthesis, rejuvenating and firming the skin and slowing down the ageing process. The Bust Gel is limited edition so you might want to purchase it before sells out!

Although the company is based in Latvia and prices are given in Euros, you can purchase GMT products in Pounds through PayPal from their website.  The Almond Massage Oil costs roughly £11.00; however it is currently sold out on the website, but it is available from GMT's UK Stockist Vian for £3.95, click here for more informtion. The Bust Gel costs roughly £30.00 from the GMT website, and is once again £3.95 from Vian


Mother's Day Guide

Here at The Amazing Blog, our Mums are the most important women in our lives. Every year, we try to take advantage of Mother’s Day to show our Mums just how much they mean to us. We know you’d like to do the same, so to help you out we’ve come up with a few ideas for you to show your appreciation.

South Place Brunch

Delight your mum with a three-course menu for brunch this Sunday. South Place Hotel is offering a specialty menu for Mother’s Day Brunch from 12noon - 4pm. The event features the best of British seasonal ingredients, with dishes like fillet of stone-bass, honey-glazed chicken wings, and celeriac risotto with a wild mushroom sauce. Alongside this scrumptious meal you’ll be entertained by live jazz from the Audioguide trio.

South Place is also offering a complimentary neck and shoulder massage for mums, plus a hand-picked goodie bag of treats from the hotel’s partners including Butterfly and the Bee, East Wick, and James Heeley.

The Mother’s Day Menu at 3 South Place is available for £30. Visit the website here for more information and to see the full menu.


Katherine Elizabeth Millinery Masterclass

Is your Mum the classy, fashionable type? Does she enjoy DIY projects as well? If that’s the case, Mother’s Day might be the perfect opportunity to surprise her with a voucher for a four and a half hour hat making masterclass at Katherine Elizabeth Millinery.

You and your Mum will love soaking up some of award-winning Katherine Elizabeth’s skills and techniques, and you’ll walk out with a few new headpieces as well! The classes are taught on Thursday evenings and some Wednesdays depending on availability from 4.30pm - 9pm.

See here to purchase a voucher for a Katherine Elizabeth Masterclass at a discounted price of £48.



We think that there is nothing better than to give our Mums an orchid plant – it is a symbol of love, luxury, beauty, and strength. Not forgetting to mention that compared to roses or cut flowers, Orchid plants will last for weeks. Try ordering some flowers from Orchidya, the only florist in the UK that’s dedicated to the exotic blooms.

Historically, orchids have been imported overseas to UK suppliers, making it difficult to create larger arrangements. However, this isn’t a problem for Orchidya, as the majority of the orchids are grown right in their glasshouse in Lincolnshire. Having this UK based supply means Orchidya is free to be more creative while being priced competitively.

If you’re interested in picking up some flowers for Mother’s Day, visit the shop in Bloomsbury or visit the online shop here.

Back Nodger

When the Back Nodger arrived in the office, I’ll be the first to admit that we here at The Amazing Blog were a little wary. Looking more like golf club than a massage tool, we were unsure as to how it could provide any relief from our aches and pains. However, after a little research, and a few minor mishaps, we were soon ‘nodging’ our knots away.

We all know that when working a desk job, it can be difficult to maintain a great posture. As well as not looking your best, hunching over a keyboard all day also contributes to those dreaded back pains. Although we’re firm believers in prevention before cure, and try to work on a great sitting stance, once the damage is done, we’re always comforted when we come across something that can provide a little relief. The Back Nodger is a great way to work on stiffness and tension. Born out of creator, Asher Nathan’s inability to massage the hard to reach parts of his lower back, he decided to take a leaf out of the Japanese’s book, altering their shiatsu methods until he came up with the perfect deep tissue massager. Recommended by physiotherapists, this curved steel tool isn’t your typical massager, and can take a bit of getting used to. Luckily, Back Nodger provide a handy ‘how-to’ video,  so you will be giving yourselves a good ‘nodging’ in no time. When used right, the nodger should feel like a thumb pushing into those parts of your back that you can't quite reach. After a few uses, we felt the tension melt away, leaving us a lot more comfortable at our desks. Although an attractive masseuse is always preferable, we’re more than happy to settle for the Back Nodger.

The Back Nodger is available to buy here for £29.99. We’re certainly grateful for the excuse to give ourselves a quick massage at our desks.

Nelsons Arnicare Bath & Massage Balm


thursday new blog imageWe have all had those days when everything piles up and up and the stress can get too much. On days like that,  The Amazing Blog is so thankful for products like the Nelsons Arnicare Bath and Massage Balm.

This fantastic bottle of liquid gold is a three-in-one miracle stress, tension and muscle ache cure. It can be used as a soothing and luxurious bath oil for you to unwind in, as a massage oil to relieve stiff or aching muscles and as a body oil that should be applied after bathing to lock in moisture.

The Bath and Massage Balm contains arnica, a powerful ingredient extracted from the beautiful Arnica Montana plant which has anti-inflammatory properties that can ease muscle pain and reduce the appearance of bruises. Almond Oil and Evening Primrose are used to keep moisture in the skin whilst rejuvenating tired muscles. The product also makes use of lavender and grapefruit oil to calm the mind.

The Bath and Massage Balm has a fragrant herbal scent that is instantly calming thanks to the lavender notes. When applied to the skin, it absorbs very quickly without leaving oily residue. My skin instantly felt softer and smoother and the herbal fragrance lingered long after application. I think this product would be perfect if used in a bath and then as a moisturising body oil just before bed time to aid relaxation and ensure a comfortable and peaceful nights sleep.

The Bath and Massage Balm comes in a 200ml bottle for just £8.49 and can be purchased from Boots amongst other stockists which you can find listed on the website. If you would like some more information about the Arnicare range please visit the Nelsons website.

Lavera Body Oil - Lime Sensation

blog As we wind down from a busy workday, we love to treat ourselves to the very best. My favourite thing is to use a nice smelling body oil to perk me up and Lavera has delivered just that. When we received Lavera Body Oil at The Amazing Blog we couldn't be more excited to try it out.  What we like about a brand like Lavera is the fact they're dedicated to providing organic cosmetics and skincare products specifically for sensitive skin and allergies. And as you regular readers of our blog will know - I just 'love' my organic products...

If you have ever tried different body oils than you will understand exactly what I mean. Isn't it a pain when you buy a body oil that smells delicious when its in the bottle but then when applied to the skin, it simply metamorphosises into something deeply unrecognisable. Well happily this was completely different, the scent of the lime is strong but sweet and once you apply it  the  smell slightly lingers for an hour or two afterwards. This body oil had the perfect hint of lime citrus – almost as if you squeezed a fresh lime juice right onto your skin. I put a couple of drops on my damp skin before going to bed and first thing after a shower in the morning. Using only a couple of drops will go a long way for this particular body oil. Truly it left my skin feeling fresh, soft and smelling divine.

I would recommend Lavera Body Oils if you like to  pamper your skin after a hard day or week. Lavera Lime Sensation Body Oil  leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling exotic. If lime isn't your thing worry not, Lavera offers a variety of other scents, so you can find which fragrance suits you best.  You can purchase Lavera Body Oil for only £8.95 per bottle and get ready to pamper yourself with the sweet smell of fresh limes.

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