Balance Active Formula

It is a typical morning at The Amazing Blog. We jump out of the shower and the clock is ticking. But today our body care routine is faster and easier with Balance Active Formula.

It is almost impossible to believe but we can actually be ready in less than ten minutes and our clothes won’t stick because of never-absorbing body lotion.
Let’s start from the outside. It is a spray which means you will need half the time to put it on, in one gesture your body will be cover in a warm and caring lotion.
The top is very practical, it has a twisting lid that closes perfectly avoiding any possible spillage and you can carry it around in your gym bag.
We found it very convenient as a little amount is enough for both arms and the hydrating effect lasts longer than usual body lotion; no need to reapply and no waste, sounds like a good deal to us.
Among the others properties one really caught our attention, Balance Active is anti-aging.
An anti-aging body product is not something very common and we can’t help but loving it.
Texture and benefits are the main reasons why we usually buy a body cream but in this case there’s more that meets the eyes. In order to keep our skin soft and lovely to caress, argan oil has been add to this already complete product, which also donates a pampering scent.
If you like to change from the same range there’s also a lotion with coconut extract.

If your time is precious get Balance Active with argan oil here, the 200ml bottle is available at £5.49.