Soap Co. – Hand Wash, Hand Lotion and Soap

Today we are totally inspired at The Amazing Blog from the minimal, black and white style of Soap Co. products.

It’s always a pleasure writing about efficient and natural products but when we can also celebrate a brand that cares about disabled people, we’re doubly happy; Soap Co. employs blind people and that’s why the name on the packaging is also written in Braille.  
If you need further reasons to buy these products just let us say that they’re all cruelty-free and eco-friendly as the packaging is 100% recyclable or totally refillable; beside it doesn’t contains any chemical that could only irritate our skin.

We were excited to try White Tea but you can also find black poppy with wild fig and citrus.
We couldn’t make a better decision. The fragrance is so delicate that it won’t interfere with other perfume you’re using but it lasts all day.
From now on the Hand Wash is something we will always have in our bathroom. Something so clear and transparent can be only made with natural ingredients.
It creates an indulgent foam that leaves the hands soft and not dry; but we always need that extra touch of hydration and that’s why we can’t live without the Hand Lotion. Same fragrance and a creamy texture that reminds us of fluffy, whipped cream. The better way to describe it is like having a layer of protection on your hands, fresh and gentle.
The Bar Soap has something retro and traditional that makes it special. The name of the brand stamped on top of the bar, or maybe the fact that every bar is hand-cut recalls an old fashion bath tub and love for simplicity.
The white tea products vahe in common the Vitamin B5, plus palm oil and aloe vera extracts responsible for a skin always moisturised and silky.

Hand wash and lotion are available here and here both at £8, and you can find the soap for £5 here.