Balm Micro from DELAB CARE Laboratories

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It’s time to throw out the cosmetic products and welcome micropigmentation – also known as semi permanent make-up. Although it’s not for everyone, it’s a great way to save you precious time in the mornings; in my case no eyeliner, brow pencil or lipliner. I’m a big fan having had my brows, lips and eyeliner all expertly tattooed over the past 10 years years. Recently I had a top-up with the UK’s leading micropigmentation practitioner and trainer with Tarryn Vice at Finishing Touches Group. Tarryn recommended using Balm Micro to help speed up the healing. Balm Micro although a professional product, it is also great for the consumer too because these products specifically target and protect the lips, brows and skin. I initially used several of these products as an after treatment and loved their regenerative and protective properties. I’ve been recommending this brand to everyone on the team at The Amazing Blog. I am still eulogising over the Sun SPF 50+ for lips which is a lifesaver (especially for holidays) and the Cleansing Foam which is one of the best soap-free cleansers I’ve ever used!

Balm Micro’s parent company, Delab Care, has served a niche community for over 80 years, with its skincare products dedicated to healing tattooed body art. Balm Micro carries range of skincare products for the face, which are specifically aimed at healing post-micropigmentation procedures. This is why they hold a unique position in the professional beauty sector. Their goal for expansion was not to distribute more micropigmentation products but to help educate and spread knowledge. The company is committed to formulating reliable products, by building relationships with reputable professionals such as dermatologists, pharmacists and micropigmentation professionals. This ethos carries through to all their products, providing protection and care to the lips, eyebrows and skin.

As we embrace our effortlessly full and prominent brows, it’s imperative to keep them looking fresh and fierce. Reap the benefits of your micropigmentation with the Balm Micro Eyebrow. Preserve your treatment by applying a thin layer every day, or as much as needed. It has a high concentration of dexpanthenol 5% which when absorbed, converts into vitamin B5 this in turn helps to ensure skin is kept supple. This product promotes skin regeneration, and moisturises and maintains vivid colours. Please note to properly wash the area before application, then apply half an hour before sun exposure. This multi-purpose balm is suitable for everyone who has very dry and peeling skin that has been sensitised by cold weather. Purchase 10ml tube here for £16.00.

This Balm Micro Cleansing Foam is soap-free (Syndet), pH 5.5 designed for washing sensitive skin after a micropigmentation procedure or laser treatments, particularly where the use of soap is not permitted. However, we have been using this as part of a daily cleansing routine and were impressed with its healing and calming properties that include aloe vera, glycerin, calendula and panthenol. We used it around the eye area with no stinging and best of all it leaves the skin squeaky clean and hydrated. Purchase here 50ml for £7

Balm Micro Lips is perfect for the imminent frosty weather, it will help to protect against chapping. It promotes skin regeneration and moisturises flaky or chapped lips. It contains shea butter and pure extracts of aloe vera, rosehip oil. The magic behind this product is dragon’s blood – yes, dragon’s blood. The organic-derived ingredient stimulates collagen production and is a disinfectant, antioxidant and skin regenerator. Purchase the 10ml tube here for £16.00.

Whether we are in the sweltering heat of summer or bearing the blizzards of winter, your skincare regimen should incorporate SPF. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, it keeps your skin healthy and vibrant! The Balm Micro SPF Sun 50+ protects from the harmful sun’s rays and keeps skin glowing after your procedure. It contains high levels of Panthenol and Sepitonic M3 (copper/zinc/magnesium complex) these three active minerals are known for aiding epidermal recovery and this cocktail of minerals has a restorative action on the skin fighting against free radicals. The product is designed to moisturise and maintain colour by preventing them from ‘rusting’ under UVA and UVB rays. Purchase the 10 ml tube here for £18.00.

All of Balm Micro’s products have natural ingredients, they’re tested and developed under the supervision of dermatologists and specialists in micropigmentation, 100% vegan and are not tested on animals. What’s not to like?