Hydranure - Dry Skin Cream


Unfortunately, The Amazing Blog team are no strangers to dry skin and eczema, and it seems to us to be a bit of a modern-day epidemic. So you can imagine how glad we were to learn about this new product Hydranure, which is specifically designed to help heal skin issues ranging from acne to dryness, infant eczema, and psoriasis.

Scottish founders, Paul and Laura McGregor, welcomed their first baby who arrived with dry, rough, red skin. The couple grew frantic as they tirelessly searched for products that would calm their child’s incessant itching. The doctor’s prescribed short-term fixes that temporarily would relieve irritated skin. However, after finding a cream in America, the couple thought they had solved the problem. That was, however, until their son grew out of it. Then, when they welcomed their second child who also had eczema, that’s when their third child was born, their company Hydranure. In their hunt for help creating their formulation, they found a botanicals expert in south of Aberdeen, who helped them design their unique emollient and dry skin healer Hydranure. It contains only natural ingredients aloe vera, calendula, grapeseed, shea butter, sesame seed, vitamin E, all preserved in an olive oil derivative.  Finally, they had found a solution not only for their child but a product to help other children and adults who were tormenting with eczema and dry skin problems. In fact, after conducting a brief survey amongst Hydranure users, 94% of respondents saw skin improvement – some within 24 hours. Obviously, hearing this we were eager to try.

It is great to find a product that avoids using any harsh chemicals which are far too often found in commercial dry skin emollients; it also derives its ingredients from botanicals and the product is preserved naturally. The Hydranure Dry Skin Cream, a 2018 Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards Winner, was formulated with the intent to help those dealing with dry skin, including infant eczema, eczema psoriasis and rosacea. It cools the skin, reduces redness and itchiness, repairs the top layer of skin and builds a protective layer. And, if you think this is too good to be true – 96% of 141 respondents are said to have had softer skin after using it. We found it to be very gentle, it absorbed quickly, was fragrance-free and it provided excellent skin nourishment. It is also not tested on animals. If you’d like to try Hydranure Dry Skin Cream 100ml, it can be purchased here for £14.99. Hydranure offers free delivery within the UK.