Barbeque Scented Gourmet Candle – Marvling Bros

You’ve probably noticed how much we love candles here at The Amazing Blog. You can then imagine how much we could not resist opening the new and unconventional range of Gourmet Scented Candles by Marvling Bros.

Marvling Bros recently launched a new range of 6 uniquely scented candles: Barbeque, Curry, Roast Dinner, Bacon, Apple Pie and Chocolate Fudge. We absolutely love the fact that these scents are so different from traditional smelling candles. These UK made products recreate the taste of your favourite exotic dishes at home without taking any calories. So you can transport yourself to an Indian ambiance with the Curry scented candle, to your last summer Barbeque or to a nice Roast Dinner as these candles will last about 6 hours when you wish to burn them. The candles come in a lovely ceramic casserole dish, white or black as you would prefer and you could even reuse it to cook tasteful homemade dishes. They also make a very original gift for cooking lovers at an affordable price.

Jump a step back into the summer with the Barbeque Scented Candle from Marvling Bros and its whole range of distinctive scents available here for £14.99.