Beauty Sleep Elixir - Beuti Skincare

It’s not often that we find products that can do it all. Here at The Amazing Blog, we love discovering miracle workers that are effective, easy to use, and good for the environment. So when Beuti Skincare’s Beauty Sleep Elixir came across our table, we all had to stop and try it out.

Beauty Sleep Elixir is a potent blend of 100% natural, 98% organic plant oils including: Camellia oil, Chia seed oil, Bitter cherry seed oil, Strawberry seed oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Blueberry seed oil, Cranberry seed oil, Sandalwood nut seed oil, Raspberry seed oil, Seabuckthorn fruit berry oil, Lavender herb oil, Geranium flower oil, Sandalwood oil, and Neroli flower oil. Interestingly, it also makes use of Caribbean coral, and ingredient that neutralizes enzymes responsible for skin aging, acne, and sunburn. This makes the Beauty Sleep Elixir a great product for fighting skin irritation and inflammation. The lightweight formula is rich, but sinks into the skin quickly with a velvety finish. We love the faint scent of lavender and sandalwood, which is quite soothing and relaxing.

 This beautiful product works wonders on all skin types and is great for day or night. Pick up your own 30 ml bottle for £42 here