Bee Pollen and Bee Butter Balm - Vonnybee

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Here at The Amazing Blog  we love bee products because we know how great the work for your skin and your wellbeing in general. This time we were excited to try two products from the Vonnybee range: the Bee Pollen and the Bee Butter Balm.

Vonnybee is a company that specialises in 100% natural bee products for health, vitality and well-being. Their Bee Pollen is, as Vonnybee calls it, a 'Hay Fever Fixer'. This allergy to grass and tree pollen can be very debilitating and bee pollen can help reduce the symptoms. Its richness in vitamins and minerals hep your body when you are feeling tired or anxious. One teaspoon per day accompanied with food, preferably at breakfast time, is enough. That will give you back the vitality you need to keep the day going. We also tried Vonnybee's, Bee Butter Balm , an excellent intensive care for dry skin that you can use for your lips or any part of your body that needs some extra nourishment. This balm contains organic olive oil combined with coconut oil for a moisturised and re-hydrated skin. The product also contains beeswax which works as a shield that prevents your skin from external dryness. 

Enjoy a hay fever free year and an extra moisturised skin with the Bee Pollen, available to purchase for £10.00 here, and the Bee Butter Balm for £7.50 here