Rejuva Detox and Rejuva Burn- Vivienne Talsmat

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Vivienne Talsmat has been helping people live life through vitality for over 20 years, through nutrition plans, smoothie formulations and a selection of world class treatments. We at The Amazing Blog jumped on the chance when we got to try her Rejuva Detox and Rejuva Burn powders.

The entire range uses high quality ingredients and carefully constructed formulations to guarantee to help you achieve the look you desire. We firstly looked at the Rejuva Burn in the Blueberry flavour, this product is designed to help burn fat while sculpting and shaping the body and providing you with energy to keep you going throughout the day. The powder is gifted it’s fat burning properties through the green tea extract and baobab. Burn contains no animal products, artificial products or preservatives; however the simple yet effective ingredients include alpha-lipoic acid known to help slow ageing of skin.

We also tried Rejuva Detox, in the Berry flavour. This formula blends 19 highly nutritious superfoods in a unique formulation created by Vivienne Talsmat, making the perfect green smoothie. This is the perfect pick me up when you feel your body needs more nutrients or you feel a little down.  It’s based around hemp protein which is the most balanced source of natural protein, the second great ingredient is the nutritionally dense Spirulina used mainly for its anti-ageing properties.We tried the 454g tubs which provide 30 servings each and are a good size, with a simple outside white design allowing you to focus on the powerful ingredients inside.

Reward your body with the nutrients it needs with Vivienne Talsmat Rejuva Burn here for £44.95 and the Rejuva Detox here here for £49.95.