Bee's Wrap - Sustainable Food Storage

Here at The Amazing Blog we are always looking for healthy, natural products when it comes to beauty, but we're always pleased when we can take this ethos into the kitchen. Plastic clingfilm is a firm staple in most homes, but the all-natural Bee’s Wrap is set to change that. No one knows what harm the chemicals plastic wraps contain can do, and so we were excited to find a natural alternative to keep our food fresh.

The design of the Bee’s Wrap is such a thoughtful idea. The wax coating the cloth softens and moulds around the food or bowl, keeping it airtight - there’s even a cute wooden toggle and string to add extra security. The wrap itself is made from totally organic muslin cloth, and then steeped in Beeswax, Jojoba Oil and Tree Resin. Although this may sound like an odd concoction, it ensures the wrap is malleable, water resistant, airtight, anti-bacterial and reusable. There is no denying the effectiveness and usefulness of this product; lunchboxes will never be the same again.

The wrap is decorated with a honeycomb print, and the toggle is stamped with an image of a bee, to keep in line with the ingredients used to make it. It holds quite a potent scent which fades over time, but we loved that it had a hint of honey. It gave us a satisfied feeling that we were using something natural and chemical free. Every little helps in our opinion. The wraps are available in three different sizes, as well as specialised sandwich and bread wraps. Join those of us who have ditched the clingfilm for a natural alternative, get your Bee’s Wrap here for £14.95 (Assorted sizes), £11.95 (Bread) and £8.95 (Sandwich).