Inspiral - Kale-os and Coconut Pecks

When hunger strikes, so many of us grab quick, convenient and unhealthy snacks, but here at The Amazing Blog, we're changing our ways, one bite at a time. We have been lucky enough to try the Inspiral range of Kale-os and Coconut Pecks; they are organic, 100% natural super foods that give us real nutritional satisfaction, rather than a short lived sugar rush.

Kale-os are an innovative new range of kale crisps that are neither baked nor fried. These nutritionally dense kale crisps are nut-freelow in calories, and use an air-drying method to retain more nutrients than any of its competitors. Kale is extremely high in Vitamins B and C, plus the use of extra-virgin olive oil adds the anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits that come from good fats. They aren’t just packed with endless goodness; they actually taste delicious with flavours like Tomato & Basil Pizza and Celtic Sea Salt & Lime. These are far more exciting and vibrant than any flavours offered by the leading potato crisp brands. If you are a certified Kale Queen you will love the crisp texture that reminded us of scrumptious seaweed dishes.

Inspiral haven’t ended it there, they have continued their snack innovation with a range of Coconut Pecks. These are simply organic raw coconut chips that are also air-dried, rather than toasted, to keep them free from trans-fat. We loved their crunchy texture and the unexpected sweet taste thanks to the use of Palmyra Blossom Nectar, a natural and low G.I. sugar. You can choose between two delicious flavours, Smokin’ (Paprika) or Raspberry, they thoughtfully included both a sweet and more savoury flavour for us. Inspiral aren’t only keeping us healthy, but they focus on keeping the planet happy too. The packaging is fully compostable, the ink is made from vegetables, and this is all produced in a solar-powered eco factory.

Keep your waistline and the planet happy by getting yourself some guilt-free kale snacks here for £1.29, or grab a bag of Coconut Pecks here for 99p each.