Bnifty - Hatching Raptor Candle

hatching dino photoshop 4 blog.jpg

Easter is one of our favourite holidays here at The Amazing Blog. We spent Easter weekend catching up with friends and family, just enjoying each other’s company. Normally, this would include a lot of chocolate eggs being eaten, but this Easter we decided to go for a zero-calorie egg option… and here it is, a Hatching Raptor Candle from the online shop bNifty. Based in London, bNifty is a shop where you can find unique and quirky gifts (like this hatching candle) for everyone on your list. So no matter the time of year, whether you are looking for a birthday gift or a Christmas present, bNifty will have you covered.

The Hatching Raptor Candle comes in a clever box designed to look like a wooden crate. The crate has ‘WARNING’ written in all capital letters across the front, warning users about the ‘dangerous’ dinosaur contents inside. When you open the box you find a highly texturized tan coloured egg that is approximately 16cm tall and 14cm wide. We couldn’t wait to see how the candle burned so we lit it right away. As the odourless candle slowly burns, a porcelain baby velociraptor hatches out of the egg candle.

The baby raptor is approximately 11 cm tall and 4cm wide and looks like it is straight out of Jurassic Park. We learned that as the candle burns the dinosaur turns slightly black due to the candle flame. But the black colouration wipes off with a damp cloth without a problem. This candle is a joy to watch burn. And how cool is it even after the candle is done burning you have a baby velociraptor to keep? This is unlike any candle we have ever burned before, so much fun. While dinosaurs haven’t been around for millions of years, you can be the proud parent of your own baby velociraptor thanks to this candle. You can purchase the Hatching Dinosaur Candle here for £29.99.