Chocolate Honey and Salted Banoffee Mudds by The Hawkshead Relish

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A little treat once in a while never hurts anyone and a delicious treat from our friends at The Hawkshead Relish Company is most certainly worth it. We here at The Amazing Blog are completely addicted to their new Chocolate Honey and Salted Banoffee Mudds. These two mouth-watering spreads will ravish your palate and help to satisfy your sugar cravings.

You don’t necessarily need to have a sweet tooth to appreciate the deliciousness of an excellent chocolate spread. The Hawkshead Relish Company have their new delicious Chocolate Honey and Salted Banoffee Mudd that will transform any boring and tasteless snack into a truly tasty one. The Chocolate Honey Mudd is made with 100% cocoa, English heather honey and caramel extracts. The combination of these rich and natural ingredients do indeed create a very appetising blend. Also for any banoffee lovers, you're going to adore the brand’s Salted Banoffee Mudd; this spread is again made with all natural ingredients which include golden syrup, double cream, fresh bananas and Anglesey Sea Salt. This is total temptation in a jar with it's sumptuously sweet and creamy blend.

These two products can be eaten in many different ways: on toasts, crumpets (our favourite way), on pancakes and waffles, or even on your morning porridge. Whatever suits you. We also used the Banoffee Mudd as a dessert, combining it with whipped cream and meringues, which we highly recommend. We must warn you though, once tried, you'll find it hard to look back from this moreish duo. If we've whetted your appetite to try these products, you'll find the Chocolate Honey Mudd  here for £4.99 and the Salted Banoffee Mudd which can be purchased here for £4.99.