Mirati Cosmetics Body Lotion

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The Amazing Blog loves finding new hero ingredients that are unique and nourishing for the skin, so while researching various ingredients, we came across Ghee! Yes Ghee, and that's where we discovered the Slovenian skincare brand Mirati Cosmetics. The majority of skincare have a cream base, which is essentially made of oil and water. Ghee, or clarified butter, takes this process two steps further – firstly, the butter is produced from cream, then it is clarified, leaving out all the water and milk, purifying the butter and ensuring that only the qualities essential to caring for your skin remain. As the key ingredient in Mirati Cosmetics' skincare, it moisturises, soothes and is rich in antioxidants.

Given the current plummeting temperatures, we decided to try the body lotion.  As well as using certified organic Ghee from India; the body lotion also contains plants grown in the MediterraneanAmericaAustraliaSouth East Asia (i.e. organic aloe vera and honeysuckle). The honeysuckle gives the lotion a beautiful scent that lasts all day, while the aloe vera stimulates blood circulation, tightens and smoothes skin. The body lotion is suitable for all skin types as its gentle but effective formula works to improve skin texture and appearance over time. Just apply the lotion to skin after washing and gently massage it into skin until it’s fully absorbed. The product is dermatologically approved, paraben, phthalates, SLS and Synthetic fragrance-free and is cruelty-free.  Mirati Cosmetics is also committed to giving at least 10 % of their profit to good causes see here. You can purchase The Body Lotion here for £17.99