Chocolate Treats- Gnaw Chocolate

Here at The Amazing Blog, we are certainly partial to an afternoon tea break, and when a hamper full of Gnaw Chocolate goodies came our way, we were thrilled to try them.

Gnaw’s chocolate mission is to bring back the fun with chocolate. Since when did receiving chocolate as a present become so bland? We love that Gnaw Chocolates made us feel young and excited about treats again. The indulgent selection they sent us included their mini bars, big bars, hot chocolates and buttons. We thought the mini bars were a great idea for taking on the go - they come in a 5 or 10 pack which you can customise, choosing from their 5 different flavours. Our favourite had to be the Peanut Butter, closely followed by Salted Caramel.

The big bars are the ultimate chocolate hit, and we tried the Rocky Road, Banana, Mint and Dark Chocolate. The flavours are all delicious and the packaging is creative yet sleek - perfect for all ages. Their buttons were tasty treats that are deviously more-ish, and the Mixed Chocolate and the Caramel Bags are the perfect size for sharing (if you want to). Gnaw haven’t stopped at food however - they have also created a Hot Choc Shot, which looks like a chocolate lollypop. If you place the stick into hot water it melts to form a rich hot chocolate. Gnaw Chocolate is lovingly hand-crafted in Norfolk, using locally sourced ingredients and natural flavours.

Whether you need a last minute gift idea or are an avid chocolate lover, Gnaw Chocolate can be purchased online here. Their products start at £7.50.