Hand-Crafted Skincare - Te Mana

Here at the Amazing Blog, we know that it is rare to find an entire skincare line that you can fall in love with; it is often the case that some products work brilliantly for you but some you may not get along with. Finding a brand that is "all killer no filler" comes once in a blue moon and we think we have found it with Te Mana.

Founded in New Zealand, Te Mana is a hand-crafted skincare range that offers the best ingredients from the region. The founders have developed unique products which are derived from native botanicals, while respecting Maori traditions.We were lucky enough to try the whole range, which consisted of five products all containing a combination of natural and active botanicals such as Manuka Honey, Merino Wool Proteins, Zealong tea, and Pine Bark Extract. These ingredients are sustainably sourced from the remote Antidopean Islands and have fantastic antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

Starting with Te Mana's High Performance Cleansing Gel, this is a very effective yet gentle facial cleanser. Formulating powerful antioxidants, the cleanser removes impurities and make-up whilst leaving the skin soft and balanced. It is a fuss free product and works wonderfully with their Radiance Infusing Essence, a serum which fights to prevent free radicals, targets wrinkles and lack of firmness to produce a youthful complexion.

The range includes two moisturisers that target different concerns. The first, Time-Release Hydration, prevents and fights water-loss to provide nourishment and intense moisture. This works brilliantly on dry skin, protecting it in colder environments. The other cream is the EXQ Pro-Collagen Complex - a bioactive day cream formulated to combat skin aggressors such as pollution as well as prevent aging. The product contains skin-loving proteins that leave the skin hydrated whilst battling imperfections.

Last in Te Mana's range is the Vitamin C4 Oil Elixir, a lovely little oil which brightens and hydrates for radiant skin. The product is full of ingredients we love such as Vitamin C, Rosehip Oil and the unique addition of New Zealand Kiwi seed oil. The concentrated elixir repairs the skin and helps to protect it, effectively diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You can buy the Te Mana range from the Natural Skincare Company here from £29.95.