Christopher Courtney- Bio-Radiance Face Mask

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Christopher Courtney combines luxury skincare with all-natural skincare, a combination we at The Amazing Blog can definitely get behind. Taking Mother Nature's best ingredients and pairing them with science has resulted in some beautifully moisturising products, and we were lucky enough to try out the Bio-Radiance Face Mask.

The mask ingredients are natural and organic; it is enriched with Malt Secrets, Evodia Rutaecarpa Fruit Extract, Kukui Nut Oil, Avocado Oil, Camelina Oil and Vitamin E, to name a few.  The combination of these ingredients allows the mask to brighten the skin tone and improves its texture. The Kukui Nut oil and Avocado oil, both essential to the body, protect and deeply nourish the skin. This face mask delivers the hydrating and repairing properties of all these bio-actives and multi-vitamins elements. Skin looks instantly replenished and luminous. It transforms exhausted lifeless skin into youthful glowing skin in just 10 convenient minutes.

Camelina oil, a significant ingredient, aids in upholding the skin elasticity, catapulting this mask into our top anti-ageing product. Frangipani essential oil carries a fruity floral fragrance which is a refreshingly therapeutic perfume for the skin. Free from parabens, mineral-oil and synthetic fragrances and colours, this mask is a real treat for the skin.

Purchase the Bio-Radiance Face Mask for £43.95 here.