Coconut Water Juices by Coldpress

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Coldpress’ idea that “life is sweeter with less sugar” is something that we at The Amazing Blog can get behind. We love trying delicious new beverages, so we jumped at the opportunity to try Coldpress' new Coconut Waters. Coldpress throws out traditional methods of fruit juice production by pasteurisation and instead favour pioneering cold-pressed technology. This means that the juices retain substantially more taste and goodness than pasteurised juices.  If you’re looking to get more taste, nutrients and vitamins out of your fruit juice with the bonus of less added sugar, then look no further than Coldpress juices!

Coldpress' new Coconut Water is the latest addition to their delicious range of juices and smoothies. They’re currently available in two flavours; Blood Orange Mandarin Coconut Water and Raspberry Lemon Apple Coconut Water. For anyone jumping late onto the coconut water hype, or dislike the taste of unflavoured coconut water, the Coldpress Coconut Water is a great option to try. Coconut water is high in electrolytes, such as potassium, making them an excellent way to stay hydrated. As Coldpress combines coconut water with their cold-pressed fruit juices, the Coconut Water provides nutrients, vitamins and minerals in addition to the electrolytes from the coconut water.

As with the whole range, Coldpress Coconut Water is bottled in their unique hexagonal bottle, showcasing the originality of the product inside. Coldpress Coconut Water is available in Blood Orange Mandarin and Raspberry Lemon Apple flavours.

The 750ml bottles are available for purchase, in cases of eight, directly from their website here from £7.56