Perfecta Home Therapy and Perfecta Extrema from Dermo 28

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The Amazing Blog loves nothing more than a spa day, but unfortunately, it’s not a treat we get to enjoy often enough. However, with Dermo 28 you can give yourself the spa treatment at home. Their new Perfecta range is a must for both self-indulgence and self-improvement alike. With five high-quality problem targeting products to choose from, we decided to try the Perfecta home Therapy and Perfecta Extrema

The Perfecta Home Therapy comes with eight 30ml sachets of the brilliant formula. The product is both exfoliating and regenerating as it promotes cell renewal due to the high concentration of Vitamin C. The selection of active ingredients helps the products to deeply hydrate skin and leave skin feeling firmer and more supple.  The active ingredients include purifying Lemon Essential Oil, Softening Jojoba Oil and nourishing Shea Butter among others.  Just apply over your entire body once or twice a week by massaging into dry skin and see the effects take almost instant effect. 

The Perfecta Extrema is an excellent way to treat the appearance of cellulite, as it stimulates microcirculation. By addressing specific problem areas, the product drastically improves the appearance of dimpled and “orange peel” skin. The intensive serum should be applied twice a day on affected areas and should be massaged in until it is fully absorbed. Like the Home Therapy, the Dermo 28’s Extrema also contains powerful active ingredients. The caffeine extract stimulates microcirculation, the Panthenol soothes and hydrates skin, while the carnitine and coenzyme work as a metabolic stimulator and slimmer. 

So treat yourself to some spa treatments at home. You can purchase the Perfecta Home Therapy here for £45.00 and the Perfecta Extrema here for £62.00.