Cookbooks Special

Here at The Amazing Blog, we don’t just enjoy eating great food, we love feeding our culinary skills in the hope of creating some delicious dishes ourselves. In the run up to Christmas there are a plethora of cookbooks out there to buy, but we've picked a few of our favourites to share with you. Some are inspired by a range of cultures, others inspiring you to spice up your favourite meat. The countless mouth-watering recipes will have you running to the kitchen to try them out for yourself.

The Nomadic Kitchen Spices & Spandex is a charming cookbook following Tom Perkins and Matt Chennells on a cycling adventure with a difference.

Part travelogue and part recipe book, the book features 65 recipes inspired from the 26 counties which the boys travelled to in 501 days. Starting their journey in England and ending in South Africa, the book thoughtfully documents the entire journey and the food inspiration found along the way. This is no ordinary cookbook, we felt fully engaged in the narrative and loved the diverse global recipes, cultural observations and stunning photography. Enjoy recreating dishes from Egyptian Falafel Pittas to Zimbabwean Oxtail & Okra Stew, and begin your own culinary journey by purchasing Spices & Spandex here for £25.

Our next cookbook will transport you on a culinary journey through the different China Towns found around the world. Chef Jean-Francois Mallet travelled to different Chinese communities in an effort to understand the reason behind the diversity in East Asian cuisine within the western world. China Towns explores his journey and gives us 100 delicious recipes to try out for ourselves.

China Towns.jpg

We loved the vivid and vibrant photography that really brought the book to life. There are dishes influenced from different Asian cuisines, some Vietnamese, and even hints of Thai. Open your mind to a world of stunning East Asian cuisine from all over the world and get your own copy here for £20.40.

For something a little closer to home, Louise Searle and Hayley Spurway have brought us the Saltwater Kitchen Cookbook.

The book brings the taste of Cornwall, a beautiful gastronomic hotspot on the English Coast, into your very own kitchen. Saltwater Kitchen flaunts a simplistic, back to nature method of cooking, heavily influenced by fresh foraged and saltwater ingredients. We loved the real food for real people aspect of the cookbook, and not only do they include fresh and simple recipes, but also recommendations for the best places to eat and drink. Expect recipes for many exciting foodie festivities like beach barbecues and fine dining feasts that will have you wanting to book a stay in Cornwall right away. If you want to learn recipes using fresh and sustainably grown ingredients, then this is the book for you, get yours here for £17.99.

Last but certainly not least, we have found a particularly useful cookbook to bring excitement back into poultry. Paul Gayler has brought us Chicken & Other Birds, which contains a bounty of delicious poultry recipes that employ a whole range of cooking techniques.

Chicken & Other Birds.jpg

Gayler doesn’t simply stick to chicken; he introduces us to a variety of birds including Turkey, Goose, Duck, Guinea Fowl and even Pigeon. We were astounded by the wide array of mouth-watering recipes, ensuring us that meal times never have to be dull again. Whether it is curry, casseroles or roasts you're looking for, this cookbook will have a recipe for you, with a choice of 100 classic and contemporary dishes. Pick up your own beautifully illustrated copy here for £19.99.