Dirty Works - Cucumber Eye Pads

After a long, tiring day there is nothing better than relaxing with a spot of pampering. Here at The Amazing Blog, we have found something far more superior than sliced cucumber to rejuvenate tired eyes. Dirty Works have created their own Cucumber Eye Pads to relieve and revive those dark circled, puffy eyes.

The eye pads are conveniently pre-moistened with Cucumber Extract and Aloe Vera, designed to cool and soothe the sensitive skin on the lid and under-eye area. Simply place them on make-up free eyes and wait for the nourishment to melt into your skin. The pads only takes 2-5 minutes to get to work, perfect for those us who need a quick pampering session.

We loved using them in addition to our routine weekly face mask, and we really felt like we were indulging ourselves, but all for a reasonable price! Dirty Works made a quick pamper remedy fun and fabulous, our eyes have never been so refreshed.

Each pack contains 10 individually wrapped pairs and can be bought in Sainsbury’s for only £4. Get your hands on your own pack here