Kitchen Extras - Friday Favourites

While cooking can be therapeutic and fun, for a lot of us finding the time to create delicious meals can be really tough! Whether we are tired after work or are lacking inspiration, it's not always possible to create a delicious and well-balanced meal every day. However, not ones to compromise on the quality of our meals, all of us here at the Amazing Blog have rounded up our favourite cooking additions that are guaranteed to liven up any dish any day of the week!

Our first pick is Holy Lama's Spice Drops. The founders of Holy Lama wanted to create a range of products that were natural, ethical, and delicious. According to the brand, Spice Drops are the only thing you need to add spice and flavour to your cooking, and we could not agree more! These drops add a depth of flavour that would normally take hours of marinating to achieve. The wide range of drops are made from raw herbs and spices, all blended with oil to create authentic and tasty flavours.

Aside from their great taste, we really love Spice Drops because of their versatility! They are straightforward and convenient to use that they can be added to any dish at any stage of cooking. We were impressed with their broad range of flavours, from garlic and ginger to garam masala and turmeric. There are over 30 flavours. Moreover, Holy Lama has created unique Collection Boxes, meaning they make the perfect gifts for your wannabe gourmet chef friends. 

With their network of suppliers providing natural ingredients of the finest quality, we can always trust Spice Drops to add some zing to any meal. Try them yourself here from £4.00.

Moving over to the sweeter side of things, we have Big Tree Farms and their delicious and organic Coconut Nectars. If you are looking for an alternative to sweeteners, honey or syrups, you need to try this Coconut Nectar. The sweetener is a healthier alternative to many of the refined sugar versions out there and what's more the taste is unparalleled.

Coconut Nectar is formulated from pure coconut flower blossom nectar. The product is organic, certified fair trade, vegan, GMO and gluten-free, meaning everyone can enjoy this natural sweetener. The nectar is one of the lowest glycemic sweeteners out there, and it is high in nutrients and unrefined sugars, making it a delicious and healthy alternative.

The product comes in two flavours, Amber and Blonde. We were pleasantly surprised that the Amber was very close in taste to maple syrup, and the Blonde was closer to agave syrup. The product is multi-functional, and is able to dissolve in drinks, making it the perfect cure to bland breakfasts as it makes a fabulous addition to hot drinks, smoothies, porridge, pancakes and more!

Try Coconut Nectar from Big Tree Farms here for £9.12.

Cooking sauces are probably the most convenient and helpful kitchen helpers you can have when you're strapped for time! The problem, though, is that so often store-bought sauces are bland and laden with sugar and salt. This is not the case with Capsicana though, who have changed the game with their vibrant Cook Sauces inspired by Latin-American flavours.

With four fantastic flavours hailing from Mexico, Brazil, and Peru, these sauces are sure to tantalise your taste buds. We loved that the products range from mild to hot, so there is something everybody can enjoy. Our favourite flavours were Chilli and Coconut and Chilli and Honey.  From stir-fry to chicken dishes, you can be as creative as you like with these tasty packets, wowing friends and family with your cooking skills.

The packs come with suggested unique and exciting recipes and the products don't contain any artificial colourings or flavourings, making them a convenient and healthy addition to your meals. Meaning while you save on time you're not compromising on healthiness.

Try something new with Capsicana's Latin Cook Sauces, available here for £1.49.

From Latin America to Spain now with Delicioso, a passionate Spanish food company. They sell a range of food products from charcuterie to vegetables, but what really caught our eyes were their brilliant range of nut oils.

Unlike most flavoured oils on the market which are infusions, Delicioso's oils are created by cold-pressing Arbequina olives from Catalunya together with other ingredients. This produces an intense depth of flavour and additionally is more efficient in retaining its minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

We loved this little set of 5 nut oils that Delicioso is offering, presented neatly in a box. What we love is that you can by a set of 5 smaller bottles, meaning you can try a variety of great flavours to to find your favourite one. The smart packaging makes this a great gift, and it includes Hazelnut Oil from Tarragona, Almond Oil from Mallorca, Walnut oil from Aragon, Peanut, and Pumpkin Seed Oil. It is a brilliant and useful set, and you can try it on a variety of dishes; drizzle on pizzas and pasta dishes, grilled vegetables, meats and or as a base for a  stir-fryto add an extra layer to the flavour.

Try some authentic Spanish oils with Delicioso's Set of Five Nut Oils here for £11.75.