Dark Stag Shaving Set

Dark Stag Shaving Set.jpg

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a REALLY good shave - ask any chap who has just been under the blade, and if the results of the daily beard blitz aren’t up to scratch, the whole day ahead runs the risk of being tinged with negativity. Few of us boys at The Amazing Blog have the diary space to indulge in the unashamed pampering that’s enjoyed within the trusted walls of our favourite barbershop each and every day. Oh the joy of shutting out the world for 45 minutes and revelling in the solitude and peace of ‘me time’, whilst having the experts lavish their grooming attentions on us. 

However, Dark Stag is a company based in Worthing, West Sussex giving us all the chance to recreate the authenticity of our hallowed barbershop ground, in the confines of our own bathroom, with a plethora of quality barbering products for us to enjoy. The complete Dark Stag range can be found on their comprehensive website, with everything you could ever need. From combs through to scissors, you will also find the required hardware for a truly exquisite shave. We were sent the Dark Stag Shaving Set, compromising of a doubled edged safety razor, shaving brush and stainless steel shaving bowl. Each product has the feeling of true craftsmanship and quality, which of course always helps in the final result. And that isn’t just important to those of us undertaking the task of shearing our whiskers, but it is of course always of huge concern to anyone who may be getting up, close and personal during the course of the day or evening.

Where Dark Stag have been particularly clever, is in offering a set of products to suit varying price points - particularly useful as we approach the season of tinsel and gift giving. The Dark Stag Shaving Set would make an excellent gift for a loved one, available for £65.00, but as each item from Dark Stag is exquisitely packaged, other products would make fantastic stocking fillers too.